Our church has a special & unique English Ministry. Most of the members are very active in serving the Body of Christ. They serve in the Children’s ministry, youth ministry, and they are active members of various committees. Not only that many of our EM members serve as chairpersons of those committees in our church. In the council, which is the governing body of our church, about 40% are EM members.

It is indeed a special English Ministry, and a special church… I love this Body.

But what makes our English Ministry so lovable is our diversity. In our congregation, we have many different ethnic groups represented, and what has been so encouraging is that people from our neighborhood have been part of our ministry, some of them long-time members.

Usually when non-Koreans come to Korean American churches, it is through relationships, through marriage, through friends, but these men & women who have no ties to our Korean members have been coming, enjoying & serving.


I have asked them, “Why do you come?”

The answer I get is always the same.


As some of you may know, my wife & I have been busy balancing full time ministry & developing partners for our missions to Taiwan.

I don’t have to tell you that God has been AMAZING, FAITHFUL, MIRACULOUS! I have to confess that my wife & I are probably the worst fundraisers. We just have a hard time talking about money, and yet our gracious God has led us to reach 60.43% of our budget goal! We know that we didn’t have much to do with it. So again the question is,


Why would God who certainly doesn’t need our help in doing mission work in Taiwan grace us with His kindness & power?

There is only one answer.


I don’t have the words to describe how grateful we are to our partners, friends & family who are praying for us & who have made commitment to support our missionary effort in Taiwan.

I think I understand what Jesus meant when he asked, “Who are my mother and my brothers?” then pointing to those around Him, He said, “Here are my mother and my brothers (Luke 3:33-34)!” As we are going through this preparation period for God’s work in Taiwan, we realized that partners, friends & family have become synonymous terms.

Their prayers & support touch our unexpected hearts, humble our spirits, and raise the sense of indebtedness that only Christ can repay. As I ponder the giving spirit of our partners, I am prompted to ask once again,


Why would they give away their time in prayer & their hard earned money to someone else, even if it’s for a worthy cause? There are so many other charities & non-profit organizations that they can send their gifts to? But why to missions in Taiwan?


Again there’s only one answer.


I have seminary friends & a church friend who are missionaries in Thailand, Bangladesh, Japan & China. All of them are highly intelligent, graduated from prestigious schools, and if they wanted to, they would’ve been successful in any field, but they chose a different path, a path determined by their Lord, a path that affects not only them but their families as well.

No one knows all that they have gone through & are going through right now, and there’s no glory or awards for what they do. But they still persevere not backing away from mountains.


It’s the same reason as before.

It’s the same answer for the faithful servants at our church, for God’s graciousness, for all our partners & all these missionaries around the world.

The answer is Jesus Christ.

Saints love & serve the church because of Christ.

God loves us as His children because of Christ.

Our partners pray & give because they love Christ.

And missionaries go to uncertain places risking everything including their family because of Jesus Christ.

Jesus is the only answer that gives us courage, joy & understanding, and He is enough.

He is enough.