You may ask, “Why Taiwan?”  Apart from the fact that Taiwan is located within the 10/40 window (the least evangelized area in the world), it is also located in the 50/50 porthole in which 50% of the world population resides.  This translates into too many lives going through life & passing away without ever hearing about Jesus Christ who extends forgiveness & eternal life.  God has led Calvin & Jeanette to pray for Taiwan where only 2.8% are Christians amongst a population of 23.6 million.  Within that 2.8%, most of them are Western educated & influenced middle class, which leaves the working class without the truth that could set them free from a long tradition & culture of idol & ancestor worship.  It is to this group, the working class, that the Kims are sent to share the gospel.  You can explore the work of OMF in Taiwan by visiting