Dear friends in missions,

I can’t believe that it’s already April. The past year and a half has been such an unforgettable time… a period that only God can lead us into & through it.

I have to confess that it has been a hectic time, especially as we try to fulfill the requirements of our missionary agency.

There were:

A series of medical examinations & tests that required numerous visits to the doctors’ office

A series of psychological tests & interviews by psychologists

Questionnaires, training, & more interviews

Even though we are only 3 months away from our departure to Southeast Asia, because it has been more than a year since we did all the medical stuff, we have to go through another round of physical exams & tests, not to mention our visa process also requires more medical tests. It doesn’t seem like it will end.

I could only laugh.

All we want to do is to spread the gospel to people who have never heard it. It sounds so simple, but to get there, it seems like there are preliminary mountains we must overcome.

As a pastor, I know why such period exists because I have preached about it many times. Paul explains in Romans 5:3-5, “We also glory in our sufferings, because we know that suffering produces perseverance; perseverance, character; and character, hope. And hope does not put us to shame.” In other words, such time is needed to stretch, refine & prepare us for what is to come. Although it can be exhausting, we can’t argue with that. Although busyness has never been one of our values, it is something that we have embraced for the time being in hope that God will lead us to THE MOUNTAIN that He has called us to climb.

This preparation period has been quite emotional too because it really compelled us to go down on your knees & pray… REALLY PRAY because you know that what you need, no matter how deep you look inside you, you do not have. But when God hears your heart’s cry & graciously answers, your emotions rise to the mountain tops, and you find yourself praising & thanking God at unexpected & inappropriate times.

When we think about all the servants that God has led our way to encourage & help us, we’re lost for words, only emotions overflow.

And even our financial clearance, although we had a late start, and although it’s not official yet, we still need to submit the amount that our church has raised to our missionary agency, WE HAVE REACHED OUR 100% BUDGET GOAL! For a missionary couple who are like the worst fund raisers ever, you can’t help but to cry & praise your hearts out.

So it has been a long season of praise & thanksgiving, but the funny thing is as you receive gifts that only God can give, you begin to look pass those gifts & hunger for the One who is in control of all things & responsible for our peace, pleasure & praise. And we find ourselves uttering the words of Apostle Paul, “God’s grace is sufficient,” and everything else becomes non-essential.

This is the truth that we will all come to one point or the other. But oftentimes we don’t see it due to our busyness or distractions from within us or without or sometimes because we don’t look beyond what is seen.

I’m guessing that our journey as missionaries if we follow God’s leading will reveal more clearly of our frailty, limitations & lack of control in what lies ahead. But as the past year & a half has vividly shown us, that’s a great place to be because it is when we become less that God becomes greater, and it is when we are confronted with our weaknesses & fears that He will demonstrate His power, and it is when we feel alone that He will prove Himself to be the Lover of our souls.

Although we have reached the 100% budget goal, it’s only the beginning, and that makes us glad because we know that this will not be the highest point on our climb. God will take us to even higher peaks closer to where we can see what He sees.

It is truly a blessing to never run out of prayer concerns, and we truly covet your prayers. Please pray that we will get our official financial clearance soon, also the medical clearance. We are also going through the process of obtaining our visas. Please pray that it will be done by the end of this month.

We are truly grateful to the Lord for you, our friends & partners in missions.