Last week I had the privilege of meeting several university Christian workers in Taichung, a meeting that could’ve never taken place if it wasn’t for a veteran OMF missionary who has set up the meeting on my behalf.  She & her husband have been serving in Taiwan for 40 years and they are retiring this year.  That piece of information alone should convince anyone how much they love the Lord Jesus Christ & the Taiwanese people.  It is our daily prayer that we may also serve in Taiwan until we retire, which gives us some twenty plus years.  When we left the U.S., we gave away everything except a few boxes containing photo albums & keepsakes, so that there’s nothing there for us to look back.  PRAYER REQUEST #1: We earnestly ask that you keep us in your prayers so that we may be fruitful here sharing the gospel.

I was so impressed with the university Christian workers I met.  These young Christian workers reach out to the students at nearby universities.  I was with them for about an hour and a half, couldn’t help but to notice how bright and humble they are, and it really seemed like they knew what they were doing.  I became quite hopeful & excited!  I learned something very valuable from our meeting that day.  In order for us to serve the Lord effectively in the harvest field we must learn to work together with other Christians who share the common vision & who are serving the Lord biblically & effectively.  I don’t believe it matters that they are from a different denomination or missions agency.  I know that such things do matter in our world, even in Christian circles.  It matters to us who’s in charge & who gets the credit, not to mention we like to do our own thing.  But we are realizing more & more that without collaboration, working in the harvest field becomes too mountainous of a task.  Therefore we must recognize the people God sends our way to aid us in our efforts to share Christ in our world.  We are praying that we will continue to make connections so that we may see what God is doing & know how we can serve effectively.  This month, we will be attending a university staff luncheon where we will be able to meet most of the staff of a nearby university.  PRAYER REQUEST #2: This is not a Christian meeting.  Please pray that it will lead to meaningful relationships because these professors are shaping the minds of Taiwanese young people.

PRAYER REQUEST #3: One of our main partners who we are very thankful for and have been graciously supporting us will not be able to continue after June.  Their portion was almost 40% of our total budget.  Though we recently gained a few new partners, there is still a large amount that needs to be filled.

If you are moved to or know anyone who is interested in participating in missions in Asia or if your church would like to consider partnering with us, please let us know.  You can also share our website

We are thankful to our current partners for your prayer & support because without you we can not be here.  We thank God for you daily.