The waterfall at the end of our hike

The waterfall at the end of our hike










Summer vacation began 2 weeks ago for our children.  Ethan’s been preoccupied with college preparation (still had forms to be filled out and waiting), and the girls have been going to language school with us to continue Mandarin studies.  We hope they too will soon become more confident to converse with the Taiwanese around us.

The weather in Taichung has been hot, and it will probably be so until October if my memory serves me right.  The children have been pretty good transitioning into our new life for the most part, but they do have a hard time with the heat here.  We do have window unit A/Cs but they don’t work fully well and to save energy we don’t use them much.  That is the one thing the girls complain about more than anything.

We did get some reprieve from the heat last weekend.  An OMF missionary couple who are retiring invited the Taichung area OMF colleagues to a place that they have enjoyed. It is only 1-1/2 hour away, but quite different.  It was very peaceful.  The scenery was beautiful.  And because we were up in the mountains, it was nice and cool there.  No need for A/C!  We hiked and enjoyed seeing and hearing God’s handiwork which led me to praise the One who is responsible for the beauty all around us.  It was truly a thoughtful gift from this couple with what they called “leftover resources they did not need”.  We are truly thankful for their giving hearts.

I have mentioned this missionary couple retiring after 40 years in Taiwan before.  40 years!  How can anyone do anything for 40 years without wavering?  I truly admire their perseverance.  Though our time with them was short, I am so happy that I got to know them.  When I think of them the thing that stands out above all else is how evident it is that they truly love the Lord and His people.  I believe that it’s their love that moves them to give.  Not because they have to, not because they have something to gain, but they simply give to others sacrificially because they love.  It’s a natural expression, a spillage of what is inside them.

In the past, I have heard people questioning or criticizing the country they are serving.  But one of the most important aspects of being a missionary is that one must fully embrace & become like the people he or she is reaching out to.  This missionary couple has done just that.  It is the biblical pattern set by our Lord who humbled Himself to be with sinful & frail humanity.  Although Jesus was a perfect Son from a perfect place, He didn’t judge us.  Instead in love showed us the truth.  Truth in love is what Jesus exemplified, and this is what we see in our special friends.  This is why for 40 years they have touched so many lives, including ours.

Within 2 weeks, we will plan on ministry visits.  3 places in Taiwan that we would like to visit to see where God is leading us to move & minister permanently.  Please pray for us to be granted wisdom in this process.  Wherever we end up, we trust that the Lord’s will be done.  That brings much comfort & peace to our hearts in our time of many unknowns.  Our ultimate prayer is that our legacy in Taiwan will be that we loved people & that we shared the truth of Christ to set them forever free.

Truth in love…this is our pre-requisite & pursuit as we are laboring for the kingdom of God.