It’s funny how life has a way of taking us back to where we began.  Being back to the place where I spent many of my earlier years and younger adult life, I’m reminded of how I used to be.  Lately, I also find myself thinking about the lyrics of old church songs I learned as a teenager.  One of them is “I Just Keep Trusting My Lord”.

I just keep trusting my Lord as I walk along

I just keep trusting my Lord and He gives a song

Though the storm clouds darken the sky o’er the heavenly trail

I just keep trusting my Lord, He will never fail…

I’ve shared in the past blogs that my faith was far from being complete.  It’s still a process of which I’m finding myself being stretched and tested.  I trusted the Lord for the most part, there were still parts of me that relied on my own wisdom & back up plans.  One thing I’m very grateful for is that on the mission field, God began to purify our faith by basically taking away all things that we relied on besides Him.  It was a process that challenged us to ask a series of questions, such as

Do we really trust in God & what He promises? Are we willing to go all the way believing that our Lord will remain faithful to His Word?  What if answers to our prayers come slower than we had hoped?  Would we be able to pray the words of Jesus who prayed, ‘…not as I will, but as You will’?

We didn’t have the answers.  On the other hand, it was a process that led us deeper in our faith & relationship with the Lord.  Our Lord allowed us to experience Him in a new & powerful way.  He answered our every cry, always brought perfectly timed deliverance, and ultimately led us to a deeper worship of Him.  We felt triumphant as we were coming back to the U.S.!

Again I became naïve thinking I was in a good place and let my guards down.  I was just looking forward to home assignment, thinking it’d be a time of rest & rejuvenation.  However, we’re finding ourselves in another phase where we must place our trust in the Lord who is faithful & just.  We are realizing that this has been the lesson all along and we’re not done.  God is not done with us.  Whether it’s Abraham longing for a son in his old age, the Israelites going through the wilderness, or Jeremiah prophesying destruction for his people at the same time praying for their restoration.  IT IS TO TRUST IN GOD WHO IS WORTHY OF OUR TRUST for He is powerful & perfectly good.  Remembering back to when I was living in this area years ago, I suppose I’ve come a distance and grown a bit because now I don’t doubt in the goodness of God.  It has become easier to keep trusting our Lord!

Another song is “God is so good”.  The lyrics in that song are also profoundly true.

God is so good

God is so good

God is so good

He’s so good to me

Because God is so good… so good to us, we can face & overcome all things with unshakeable peace, joy & hope.

It is our prayer that the Lord will continue to take us all deeper in our faith until we see Him face to face!


Home Assignment Updates

Our son visited us for about 3 weeks before his final year in college began. We are so thankful to the Lord for walking with him the past 3 years, providing for his needs & helping him to grow.









Our girls are enjoying school & slowly making friends.  They are having fun exploring and trying out new clubs and enjoying marching band and chorus.









We have been steadily reconnecting with family & friends in Chicago area.  Didn’t realize how much we missed these relationships.  We are looking forward to more meetings like this.  We even get to see our old dog time to time.  She only lives about 50 minutes away.

We are grateful for opportunities preach & to meet with pastors in the area.  It is our prayer that we can effectively mobilize for missions in Taiwan.

Currently our support level is low and we’re praying that we’ll be able to get it up and receive financial clearance by the due date.  We are encouraged by what the founder of OMF International, Hudson Taylor, said.  “God’s work done in God’s way will never lack God’s supply.”  Therefore, we just keep trusting our Lord!