Calvary young adult retreat

This month was tough, especially for Jeanette. 

Since we returned to the U.S., we have been communicating to Jeanette’s mother that we are here for just one year on home assignment and then will be going back to Taiwan.   However, when Jeanette’s brother reminded her two weeks ago, she reacted as though she was hearing it for the first time.  Somehow that information was lost in her mind due to her condition.  She was shocked.  She cries constantly and asks the same questions over and over again.

It’s hard, especially because Jeanette & her siblings just finished the process of applying for a place in a nursing home that takes care of Alzheimer’s & dementia patients.  As Jeanette’s mother’s condition continues to deteriorate, we know that she needs to be in an environment where she can be under constant physical & medical care.  Still it has been tremendously difficult for Jeanette & her siblings.  The thought of us leaving behind family for Taiwan this summer has been even heavier on Jeanette’s heart.  Though it’s going to be difficult for everyone, we are in prayers that God’s grace will be upon this process to bring peace & comfort to Jeanette’s mother & her children. 

If someone asks us to define “missions”, this is how we would answer.  Missions is sharing the love & truth of Jesus Christ with the lost on foreign land where there is no accessibility to the gospel while fervently praying for Christ’s power & grace to be revealed.  The way we understand & practice 1 Thessalonians 5:17, “pray continually” has changed drastically after we became missionaries because there always seems to be something that reminds us of our helplessness, which compels us to cry out to God.  Of course, this is also the reason why we can never stop praising God.  He always intervenes at the perfect time in an amazing & powerful way to answer, protect & guide us. 

It is impossible to count all of God’s deliverances & answered prayers in our lives.  All we can do is lift up our hearts & hands to the One who is worthy of our worship.  It’s truly amazing how no matter what’s happening around us, when we are in His presence, we experience hope, assurance & peace.  And it is our heart’s desire to lead Taiwanese working class to this place of worship. 

Praises & Prayers

This month, we visited two churches where Calvin was invited to preach. Calvin was also invited to share about missional living at a young adults retreat.  We were truly encouraged & blessed by these opportunities!

KUPC EM service

We are so grateful to the Lord for helping our son to finish his winter quarter well.  He only has 4 classes to go.  Please pray that he will finish well & graduate this summer.  We are also praying for a job after college. 

Please pray for Jeanette’s mother that her transition to a nursing home will be a blessing to her & encouragement to her children.  We are waiting to hear about a suitable room for her.

We have been busy developing partners for our missions.  By the grace of God, we currently have about 89%!  We need to raise 100% support by the end of April for us to leave for Taiwan this summer.  We are praying & trusting that God will provide.