After language assessment with our language supervisor & field director’s wife








This will be our last blog from Taiwan before going back to the U.S. for home assignment.  We are overwhelmed with gratitude toward everyone who has been supporting our missions & praying for our family.  We couldn’t have come to this point of our missional journey without you.  We also couldn’t have done mission work without the help of our language teachers, Taiwanese co-workers & OMF team members.  Doing missions truly involves the whole Body of Christ, and I find this to be quite beautiful & empowering.  Ultimately, we worship our holy God who allows us to participate in what He is already doing on the harvest field.  His grace, mercy, faithfulness, wisdom & power lead us to a place of awe & praise.

Here are some updates since I last posted a blog.

A couple weeks ago we went to Taichung for our 4 year language assessment.  Both Jeanette & I individually had a conversation with a local Taiwanese man who sells fish at the wet market (no pun intended) touching on a wide range of topics.  2 people assessed and evaluated our conversation.  By the grace of God, we were happy to hear that there was progress since our 2 year language assessment.  OMF places a high importance on language learning during the first term because our goal is to be able to have heart to heart connection with the local people.

June 16 was our final day at Tandi gospel center.  As we worshipped together for the last time, the sanctuary was filled with emotions.  We were asked to go up to the front and say a few words.  We found ourselves unable to hold back tears.  I believe it was because although we know that we are one body in Christ.  By being together & by serving God together we have experientially become one body in Christ.

The last worship service at Tandi

Since that weekend, we have gotten together with people to say our goodbyes, and also have been busy packing.  We are grateful that OMF have a storage space in Taichung so we can send some boxes of our personal items there.  All the furniture we were using belongs to the mission and will get sent up there as well.  This week I’m especially reminded of when we first came to Taiwan with 3 kids.  We came with 5 big luggage, 5 small carry-ons & 5 backpacks.  This time around with only 2 kids, we have a little bit less to take.

Being missionaries often reminds us that nothing belongs to us, and that we are just passing through this world.  But because of Jesus Christ, we labor & hope for things that are eternal.  We rejoice during this transition and look forward to what’s ahead!