For a while now, even before coming to Taiwan I have been studying & meditating on the Book of Acts because I am amazed by how the early Christians lived & practiced their faith.  What always impacted my heart is how nothing tied the 1st Century believers down to anything of this world, except their allegiance to Jesus Christ.  They had the eyes of their hearts fixated on their eternal dwelling place with the Father.  Consequently they were free to boldly go where our Lord led them & share their lives transformed by Him with others.  As our eldest child prepares to go back to the U.S. for college, it is our prayer that he will continue to live purposefully knowing that the special place that Jesus is preparing for us is not in this world.   We pray that he will boldly share his faith even with us so far away and not there to back him up.

Our children had their Easter break last week so we decided to take the children down to KendingKending is in the most southern part of Taiwan and is bordered at the ocean.  Seeing the ocean and going to the beach reminded me and my family of life in Florida and our friends back home too.  There is a retreat house for missionaries in Kending.  It’s a retreat house run by OMF, but they accommodate all missionaries there.  The whole place was full and bustling with lots of activity.  It was quite encouraging to meet others who are also laboring to spread the gospel in Taiwan.  I just love the fact that we could connect & be together with others whom we have never met before simply because we share the common Father, common Savior & common purpose.  Having other children there that our girls could play with was an added bonus.

I am excited because starting this week I will meet with a Taiwanese man for one hour.  He will be helping me with conversation in Mandarin.  He has to ride his scooter for more than half an hour to come to where I am.  It is not an easy commitment to make UNLESS you have faith in the Lord that his efforts will not be in vain.  I’m so thankful to the Lord for this opportunity to become a better communicator in Mandarin.  Also this week, with the help of a veteran missionary, I will be meeting some campus Christian workers at nearby universities.  Without this veteran missionary’s willingness to make room for me in her already busy schedule, there’s no way that I will be able to connect with these Taiwanese Christian workers.  I am thankful for how these two people are sharing their knowledge, sharing their faith.

Our partners, missionaries that we have met & people that I have mentioned above all understand Jesus’ words, “Freely you have received; freely give (Matthew 10:8b),” and we are forever grateful.  It is our hopeful prayer that our missions in Taiwan will be characterized by the words of Paul in Philippians 2:16-17.

And then I will be able to boast on the day of Christ that I did not run or labor in vain. But even if I am being poured out like a drink offering on the sacrifice and service coming from your faith, I am glad and rejoice with all of you.

We truly feel indebted to all those who are investing in Taiwan missions & to us.  It is our prayer that a new season will come when all of us will share in the fruitfulness that only Jesus can bring.  But for now, we are touched & humbled by those who are giving generously and sharing with us in many different ways.

View outside our window at Kending

The view outside our window at Kending