OMF 150th Anniversary Video

About a week ago, my family attended a conference in Thailand.  OMF International was celebrating its 150th anniversary.  OMF International’s missionaries & their families from all over the world joined this special event to celebrate God’s faithfulness since Hudson Taylor first entered China.  Approximately 1,600 people attended this conference, which included about 300 children & about 200 volunteers to run the children’s program.  It was a special time for my kids to be with other kids in situations much like their own.  My family did get to spend one extra day after the conference to visit my old friend who has a children’s home/orphanage ministry in Thailand, but I will tell you more about that amazing ministry next week.

The 150th anniversary conference was truly a time of heaven on earth as we feasted on God’s unchanging Word, enjoyed the fellowship with other servants, and worshipped together as one Body.  During the course of the conference, I was repeatedly reminded of God’s graciousness in inviting us to the mission field because Jeanette & I truly felt like part of something grand that God is doing all over the world.  He wants to spread the gospel in Taiwan and has called us to take part in it.  It’s quite humbling.

I learned so much from the conference, but I want to share 2 things that touched me the most.  First is from a short message by Patrick Fung, the General Director of OMF International.  He said before we can effectively remember, sincerely rejoice & truly be renewed, there has to be genuine repentance in our hearts.  He led us in prayer of repentance from our sin of arrogance/pride.  It was quite moving coming from someone who, along with his wife, gave up their medical practices to be missionaries to the Middle East for many years before joining the leadership of OMF Int’l.  He of all people in that room could flaunt of his accomplishments & what he has given up for the Lord.  He could flaunt of his rise to the top of this organization.  But that is not who Patrick is.  He is truly a humble and Christ-like man of God.  We were reminded of how we are to approach God as he started to weep as he prayed on behalf of us all, in repentance before the Lord.

Second, meeting missionaries who have been humbly serving on the mission field for more than 30, 40 years was nothing short of inspiring.  They were not famous by worldly standards.  They didn’t have mega-ministries or write best-selling books, but they faithfully shared the gospel in love with the lost & forever altered their destiny.  There was a missionary who shared that shortly after her husband was killed by a robber, she gave birth to her son.  Rather than returning home, she continued to serve in Thailand for 30 plus years.  Many OMF missionaries lost their lives on the mission field.  Many testimonies we heard sounded impossible, unless there’s genuine faith in God’s goodness, wisdom & love.  Testimonies of these aging missionaries were powerful because they were sharing what they have actually lived in faith, and how God has remained faithful to their obedience.  We, therefore, walked away from these stories rejoicing in the One who loves us & has supremacy over all things.

Our God reigns!  He reigns over all things!  He reigns everywhere, especially in the hearts of men.  This is our hope that His powerful love will lead men & women to repentance, then to life eternal.