Tandi Gospel Center’s Christmas service








2017 has been an amazing year of God’s grace, faithfulness & deliverance despite our limitations, obstacles & spiritual oppositions.  We praise the LORD that relationships are established & being nurtured, our outreach efforts have been encouraging, and most importantly the gospel is being proclaimed to those who have never heard the Name of Jesus.

The truth about God’s grace is that it never stops flowing into our lives.  I can concur with David who testifies, “My cup overflows.”

This week, our OMF team is busy preparing for the time of fellowship with college students before the semester is over & they go home for the Chinese New Year.  As I often say, doing missions is not easy, but it still brings indescribable joy to our hearts.  Truly the joy of the LORD is our strength!

This is not to say that there aren’t spiritual oppositions & even persecution.

For a while already, a neighbor to our Tandi Gospel Center has been complaining & making ministry difficult.  Every Saturday afternoon there is a youth program, and attendance has been steadily growing. The neighbor has threatened the students going in and out of the building.  He also blocks the students from parking their bicycles in front of the gospel center.  A few programs were held at a church members’ house.  Please pray for safety of the students and that they will not be discouraged to continue coming.

On one occasion, the neighbor even entered our worship service banging a stool on the wall shouting that our praise is too loud.  He often complains about noise.  As a result, we are currently praising & worshipping without any instrument.  This is also the reason why our Christmas service was held at a local restaurant.  Currently our pastor in training is looking for a different place in the Tandi area so that we can freely worship & do outreach.  Please pray that a suitable place with reasonable rent can be found soon.

Last Saturday, our Taiwanese pastor from the main church in Gangshan came to deliver the message & lead us in the Lord’s Supper.  His message was from 1 Corinthians 3:10-15.  He shared how the quality of each person’s work will be tested & revealed by fire.  We all knew what he meant & were encouraged very much.

Please pray with us that after we have been tested by the fire, only Christ in us will shine.

Introducing a visitor at the Christmas service