Teaching some fundamentals about missions

Teaching some fundamentals about missions










These days I find myself becoming more and more sentimental, perhaps because I’m more sensitive to graciousness & kindness shown to me, none of which I deserve.  No word can describe how grateful we are for all the prayers lifted on our behalf.  We can certainly sense their power for they mysteriously strengthen us.  We are also overwhelmed by God’s Word that anchors our hearts to His love & promises, without His Word we cannot go on.  The Lord has been good, and almost every day He smiles upon us through personalities we meet whether they are believers or not.

It’s a strange but good feeling to know that you have nothing, and yet possess everything.  Where the Lord is, that’s where life, joy, peace & everything that’s good abound.

This week, all I have to share are praises.

On Tuesday, I had an opportunity to share a message in Mandarin with a group of Taiwanese ladies who are preparing to go to Myanmar to serve & work with a missionary there.  Just think about this for a moment.  Some of these sisters appeared to be from working class, which means that it’s not easy to take time off from their work & family duties, and yet they have chosen to go to a country where spreading the gospel isn’t easy.  What further surprised us was the fact that some of them are recent converts, but they clearly possess mustard seed like faith that expects God to be who He is, and do what He does best whether in Taiwan or Myanmar.  They encouraged us so much with their pure hearts to serve.

My message was on purifying our motives in missions, letting go of things that hinder our service like our pride, loving others by putting ourselves in their place.  After it was done, as I was reflecting back on how everything went, I was overwhelmed with the conviction that much investment has been made in us by God & our friends, so that we may share Christ in Taiwan.  It’s never what we are doing here alone that’s bringing progress.  We are simply enjoying the fruit of investment made in us, and for that we are forever grateful to the Lord & to our friends in Christ.

Let me end with an amazing story of provision that happened last week.  A year ago, we met a missionary couple in Kaohsiung who showed us much kindness & generosity.  So when we moved down here we wanted to treat them out for a meal.  But being toward the end of the month, we were low on funds.  To make the long story short, we decided to still treat them out.  We knew that we would have almost nothing left in our account but trusted that God will take care of us and prayed that no sudden financial obligation would come our way for a few days until we receive our monthly allowance.  Sunday came around.  As we were leaving church, our church secretary caught up to us and gave us an envelope by an anonymous giver.  Would you believe the money inside covered the cost of the meal for the missionary couple?  Interesting… don’t you think?

It’s been an interesting time these past few weeks because the fear that used to be is no longer there… only praise.