3 students baptized on Easter

One important lesson that the Lord has been teaching me is not to think too much about tomorrow.  Instead we are to fully trust God & His promises each day.  We are to embrace & enjoy His blessing each day, in whatever form they may come.  Ultimately, we are to strive to honor God with our obedience each day.

The Lord calls us to do this not because these steps will pave the way for us to gain the desires of our hearts.  Following & serving the Lord has never been about implementing the right formula for success.  Humanity has a way of trying to reduce God’s wisdom & power into a few steps that will supposedly bring about the outcome we desire, but God’s wisdom & power is too grand and cannot be shrunk down to a mere few steps.

Evelyn Underhill wrote, “If God were small enough to be understood, He would not be big enough to be worshipped.”

I believe God calls us to trust, embrace & obey Him each day because they themselves are God’s blessing & gift that allow us to be in His presence, in His will & to know Him intimately.  Our obedience is not the means to the end.  Obedience is our goal.  Our obedience may not produce something “spectacular” as the world defines it, but it always leads us on to places where God is worshipped for who He is & what He has done in the lives of us who are unworthy.

Even though we live in an area where temple activities, idol & ancestor worship are widespread, we are   grateful to the Lord for doing amazing works that only He can do.

Last Easter weekend, we witnessed the baptism of 3 teens.  The greatest reason why people are hesitant to become a Christian in Taiwan is because it goes against their family’s tradition & religion.  These 3 are the first ones to become Christian in their family.  It took a long time of caring relationships, understanding and accepting the gospel, many people praying for their family’s hearts to be softened, courage for these young people to ask for permission from their parents for these baptisms to happen.  Praise be to God!

This summer we will be back in the U.S. for a one year home assignment (furlough).  During that period, we will visit U.S. OMF International headquarters, our home church in Tampa & try our best to visit most of our missions partners.  We are excited to share all that God has done & is doing in Taiwan.  We also need to raise prayer & financial support which has decreased quite a bit since we began.  Most importantly, we will stay obedient to God’s call to share Christ & make disciples.  We are certain that whether we are here in Taiwan or back in the U.S., our God will prove Himself to be faithful to His promises.

As we continue to move deeper in our missional endeavor & our walk with the Lord, we’re discovering that we desire Him more & more.  In the past, I thought I needed desire & discipline to obey God, but now I am realizing that desire & discipline are the by-products of obedience.


Prayer concerns and needs:

We are looking to rent in the Northwest suburbs of Chicago during home assignment so that we can be near our parents. Please pray that we can find something with low rent.

Pray for the college group & youth group at the Tandi gospel center.

Tandi college Bible study






Pray for the college group meeting that we started in March. A missionary couple is graciously allowing us to use their center for our meetings.  The center is located in an area where there are many college students, but it is where big temples are the center of people’s lives and known to be spiritually difficult for Christians.

The 2nd College Bible Study started this year in Dashe