It felt quite strange celebrating Easter where the majority of the people have no idea what has taken place approximately 2,000 years ago on Calvary… that which altered the trajectory of human history forever.  We were reminded of why God has brought us here.

We are so grateful that we belong to a wonderful Taiwanese church where we got to celebrate Easter together with other believers.  This fellowship of believers has come to mean so much to us, something that I found myself sometimes taking for granted in the past.  Here in Taiwan, I realize how precious each believer is to our Lord.  This Easter was extra special because our church finally found a pastor after a year & 4 months of search.  Breaking bread together after the Easter service was quite meaningful.  It brought much warmth to our hearts, and everything felt right until we came back to our neighborhood…

Our street was filled with sounds of firecrackers, drums & chanting.  There’s a temple in our neighborhood and its members have chosen this day to have a parade to honor their idols.  Our enemy’s signature was all over it.  As I witnessed the parade outside, there was much heaviness in my heart.  We often wonder, “How can Taiwan that is quite modern be tied down to such practices of superstition & worshipping handmade idols?”  The answer is bondage.  There is a spiritual darkness that blinds the eyes of the human hearts.  This darkness is so intertwined with tradition & culture that unless something or someone intervenes, awareness for it cannot be raised.

HERE IS THE REASON WHY MISSIONARIES ARE SO NEEDED IN PLACES LIKE TAIWAN as opposed to other places.  It is because in more evangelized places, faith in Christ is a choice that an individual makes.  In other words, opportunities are available for individuals to hear the gospel, explore Christianity & see it as a possible option to put their faith in. Of course, he could also choose not to follow Christ, but the point is he has that choice.  In Taiwan, so many people don’t know that there is such an option or that they can choose a different path.  They don’t know of the path that can free them from fear & spiritual bondage to life that is eternally beautiful.

One theological problem that continues to trouble my heart is, “What happened to those who have never had the opportunity to hear the gospel and passed away?”  In reply, I can bring up predestination, God’s sense of justice or His goodness & compassion, but if I’m honest with myself, I still don’t have answers that satisfy, at least not to me.  What I do have is a conviction that we all have a part to play right now, so that in the future no one can ask the same question about this generation… because opportunities were seized & the lost came to know what Jesus has done for them.     

The story of Easter is quite simple.  The Son of God entered this world to help us become aware of our helplessness against sin & show us the way to spiritual freedom & life as it was meant to be.  If Christ hadn’t intervened, we would still be in darkness.

There are many places in our world where darkness reigns.  It is our task to take the light of Christ to these places, so that people may see the Way that leads to our Father, and CHOOSE.