Perhaps turmoil in our hearts as we go through life is really due to the question of who is in control… even for us who are God’s children.  Although it is in our weakness that God’s power is made perfect, accepting our helplessness still does not come easy.

I believe this is the reason why our Lord allows us to face mountains & dark valleys.  To help us come to terms with our helplessness, and simultaneously open our eyes to the One who is actually in control.  But this is not for God to prove who is really in charge or who the boss is because He doesn’t have to prove anything to anyone.  He knows who He is.  He clearly says, “I AM WHO I AM.”  But by seeing who is in complete control, we begin to experience peace no worldly security or comfort can match, and it (peace) inevitably transforms our inner person & the way we look at life, people & God’s kingdom.

It’s an uncomfortable place that I never want to leave for I get to witness God’s Word coming alive.

Susan Muto wrote an article in Christianity Today titled Pathways of Spiritual Living that is quite relevant to what I am talking about.  She wrote, “When we follow God into the desert, we are likely to experience what could be called ego desperation.  Basically this means acknowledging that our life is not nor will ever be completely under our control.  In the desert the pillars of human power, pleasure and possession are smashed.  One feels powerless, miles away from sources of immediate gratification… One cannot barter one’s way out of loneliness and silence.  One can only wait until it passes on the wings of faith and hope.”

I have to say that one of the greatest blessings of being on the mission field has been accepting & embracing our helplessness because it qualifies us to rediscover the faithfulness & goodness of our Lord, and the joy it brings… is endless.