I mentioned in the past that missions is something that God is already doing in our world to call forth His people.  Therefore we are to pray, seek & observe how He is moving in our midst.  More importantly, when God reveals His works to us, we are to move from being spectators to being active participants.  This is when our faith is stretched beyond what we have ever experienced before, but this is also when our lives get drastically more interesting & go through an amazing metamorphosis.

We are so grateful to the Lord for leading us faithfully & tenderly in our missions journey.  We still have much to learn about mission work and about Taiwan and its people, but we are grateful that God continues to help us make progress in our understanding & approach.

We are now going to Tandi (outskirt of Gangshan) every week to worship.  We started with just once a month to share God’s Word with a group of teens.  However, by being physically there every week we hope to establish closer relationships with this group of teens and also with some adults.  This is our prayer.  The need for the gospel is truly great there.

When we helped out at winter camps in the Tandi area, we also sensed the spiritual needs of the young people & their families near the schools.  Our hearts truly went out to them.  Please pray that the gospel may penetrate and heal the brokenness in this community.   May Christ’s love and truth free them from their lives that currently revolve around worshipping idols & ancestors.

Below are some pictures from the winter camps.

Outdoor activity at the middle school

Game time (I had to wear a mask because it’s etiquette when you have a cold)

At the elementary school









With the 4th-6th graders

Serving lunch at the elementary school

With the 1st-3rd graders











Nap time after lunch