Walking toward Tandi outreach center

It has been almost 2 years & 9 months since we began our missional journey in Taiwan.  On one hand, it feels like we’ve been here forever.  On the other hand, it’s hard to believe that our first term will be done in just over a year and we’re starting to think about home assignment.  We look forward to meeting family & friends in the U.S. and sharing stories of God’s love for the Taiwanese, and how He is faithful to His Word.

But for now, we are grateful to the Lord for both creative & traditional opportunities He has given us to share the truth & love of Christ with the working class people of Taiwan.

Jeanette continues to enjoy going into a local elementary school to share Bible stories with the 1st & 2nd graders.  When some of the students remember key insights from previous lessons or make crucial connections from the stories, it is an occasion to rejoice because these are clear indications that God is at work.  Please pray that the seeds of God’s truth will not only be sown in these young hearts, but take root, grow & ultimately bear fruit.

Cooking class has been a fun opportunity to connect & share the joy of the Lord with ladies from the neighborhood.   It is our prayer that these cooking classes will encourage some of the ladies to start coming to church, and eventually come to faith for “man does not live on bread alone but on every word that comes from the mouth of the Lord (Deuteronomy 8:3).”

Cooking with the local ladies

What we are also excited about is the ministry to the working class people at Tandi, a small rural village in Gangshan.  Every week Tandi outreach center accommodates about 40 worshippers including teens & children.  What we love about this ministry is that because of its smaller size, everything we do becomes quite personal allowing us to rub shoulders as we worship, do activities & eat together.  Through this special ministry, we are getting to know people we would otherwise never get to meet.  Spiritual needs in Tandi is great for there are many broken families.  It is also an area where the population is declining because families are moving to bigger cities.  We are so grateful to the pastor in training who has the wisdom to know how to utilize us.

Did you know that basketball is the most popular sport in Taiwan?  May 7th, we have a basketball outreach with middle school students.  Invitation has been made to a middle school in the area.  We are praying that many students will come out & participate.  We are also praying that Calvin can keep up with the students.

We are thankful for the opportunities into the lives of these families through the students.  In July and August we will be involved with 5 summer camps in this area.  Please pray for our pastor in training who organizes these camps.  Pray also for all the teachers and helpers responsible for different sessions during camp.  Another important reason for these English camps is to build relationships with local elementary & middle school principals & teachers.   We heard that in recent years, it’s getting harder for Christian groups to enter public schools, but we are so grateful to the Lord that these doors have opened for us.  It’s going to be a busy summer!

We are thankful for these ministries that God has opened and ask for you to lift in prayer with us.  Our conviction is that God is already at work in the world.  It is our responsibility to seek & discover what He is doing in our midst, and serve in His redemptive plan.  We are not most intelligent, most capable…we just strive to be obedient.