Prayer time before the praise night







The month of September was busy, with regular ministries & a couple of preaching opportunities, but it was also a time of witnessing the hands of God working in our midst.  One day I suddenly realized that I was without fear or worry.  I felt a peace that cannot be explained, despite what’s happening or not happening around me.  I didn’t look back or forward, just enjoyed the present and savored how God is working.  I felt a sense of confirmation that we are where God wants us to be right now.  We are deeply grateful to the Lord for allowing us to be here in Taiwan.  We are also grateful to our partners, for without your prayers & support, we would not be here and in this endeavor.

Another joyful event that allowed me to see the hands of God working in our midst was…

Last Sunday, our Tandi Outreach Center held a night of music at a local school to reach out to the local community.  Pastor in training Jinny really has a heart to share the gospel.  She organized and MC’d this amazing event.  Not only she, but her parents, graduated from this elementary school.  It was amazing because it was a “praise night” at a public elementary school with many attendees who have never heard the name of Jesus.  Jeanette shared that she got emotional, seeing the red lights from ancestor worship tables inside homes across the street,  as she was singing the words “whispers of a well-lit way”.  The school gate was wide open for anyone passing by to just come in and enjoy some music and testimony.  We prayed for 200 people to come, but as God often gives us better than we ask, there were actually about 270!  Praise the Lord!  The evening was unusually hot & humid, but we were thankful that the rain that came down nearby never hit where we were.  That would have meant that everything be wrapped up since the stage was outside, right in the front courtyard of the school.  No covers whatsoever for the light, sound equipment, instruments, and performers.  Everything went smoothly and it was truly divine with our church brothers & sisters singing & testifying about love & greatness of Jesus Christ.  Many people worked hard to prepare for this evening.  It seemed everyone who came to listen enjoyed their time.  I am certain that it brought pleasure to our Father in heaven.

Here are some photos taken from the evening.  May they encourage your hearts & remind you of how awesome our God is.

The location was perfect… right in the center of the community














Singing like angels




















Powerful praise & testimony