Friends & family,

For past few days we have been at a very special place where God’s presence is powerfully felt, His Word piercing, our faith challenged & where our missionary journey makes perfect sense.

It’s been pure joy to hear how God has been working in the lives of other saints.  I really like the sound of that word saints for this is who we are.  1 Peter 2:9a clearly describes who we are.

“But God chose you to be His people.  You are royal priests.  You are a holy nation.  You are a people who belong to God…”

Living in our world, even on the mission field, we often forget what our identity is.  The reason being we falsely believe that it is our doing that defines who we are when the truth of the matter is it is who we are that defines what we need to do.  For Apostle Peter knowing his identity as a fisher of men clearly spelled out how he was to live.  Even for Paul understanding that he’s the apostle to the Gentiles determined his journeys.  And it is because our Lord Jesus Christ embraced His identity as the Lamb of God that He willingly went to the cross.

I’ve seen this quite a few times in men.  When they become a father, when they are holding their newborn child for the first time, without a shadow of a doubt knows how he is to live from that point on.

Who we are defines what we need to do. 

I believe that it is because many in our world are confused about the question, “Who am I?” that they wander in life.  John Eldredge in his book Wild at Heart writes that both boys & girls need the answer to the question that relates to their identity.  For girls, it’s, “Am I beautiful?” and for boys, it is, “Do I have what it takes?” or Am I someone who has what it takes?  If they are not affirmed in earlier age with the definitive answer, “Yes,” then he or she is in for a time of what I call scrambling, trying to find their identity in all the wrong places & from all the wrong people.  But even for us Christians, it is not that uncommon to forget who we are.  If we are not certain of our identity, then we will become aimless.  We will mimic others.  We will scramble.

But our Father in heaven is so good in that He tells us in His Word exactly who we are!

Sometimes people speak of sacrifices we are making as missionaries, but I have to be honest that that’s not how I feel.  God’s Word tells us that through faith in Jesus Christ each of us is a forgiven child of God even though none of us deserve it, in fact, we deserve the worst.  Not only that those who are in Christ are now citizens of God’s kingdom.  Although everything in our world is fleeting, it doesn’t apply to us because of who we are.  If we truly believe in what God is telling us about who we are, then isn’t it most logical that we live right now for that kingdom.

It matters not where you are.  Jesus says in Acts 1:8b, “you will be my witnesses in Jerusalem, and in all Judea and Samaria, and to the ends of the earth.”

Who we are in Christ defines what we must do.