This week I am in Huntington, IN to lead seminars & provide counseling for college & young adults at 2014 KOSTA Indianapolis Conference ( The theme for this year is “Our weakness, the Lord’s Power.” What a comforting truth it’s proclaiming, and I am excited to see the hand of God sowing seeds & working powerfully in the hearts of many.

Our God is at work, and nothing we do can add or take away from what He is doing in our world. We can only participate & be involved OR remain as spectators. Although being a spectator can be exciting, there is no comparison to actually being part of what’s happening. This is why our Father in heaven invites us to join in, not because He’s desperate for our help, but because He desires us to experience firsthand His power.

I have to say that God’s power is beautiful. Beauty is probably not the first word that comes into mind when many think of God’s power, but nevertheless, His power is beautiful because it turns what is not much to look at, broken & hopeless to a thing of beauty that makes us go “Wow!” or just be lost for words.

My seminar at KOSTA will be on missions, of course, and it is my hope that God will inspire some to take the bold step to enter what God is doing powerfully in our world.

When we think of power, the parting of the Red Sea or the walls of Jericho crumbling or Elijah calling down fire from heaven comes into mind, but I believe there is something that is far more powerful than these OT miracles.

It is the transformation of the human heart.

Because human heart is the hardest thing to move & change, and it is something that only God who can touch our hearts can do. But when a heart is convicted, led to repentance & transformed, there is nothing that God cannot accomplish through the owner of that heart.

Therefore the most of our efforts, resources & prayers must be poured into changing of the heart. This is where our investments have to be made, and not on some transient things because the glory of such transient things is always short lived.

I have never turned down an opportunity to preach or teach unless there’s already a prior commitment, not because I’m such a great speaker, but because I do not want to miss an opportunity to be part of what God is doing to transform hearts or a heart. This is how I see our missions in Taiwan as well. It is to lead the hearts of people to the One who can not only renew their minds & hearts, but transform their eternal destiny.

It’s an indescribable feeling that only those who are investing in the lives of others can know, and I am certain that this is one of the major reasons why these pastors, professors, professionals & missionaries sacrifice their time & finance to come to KOSTA to turn the hearts of our young people to the omnipotent God who will renew all things & give them hope for what this world can never give.