I will praise You, O LORD, with all my heart;

I will tell of all Your wonders.

I will be glad and rejoice in You;

I will sing praises to Your Name, O Most High (Psalm 9:1-2).

I have to admit that after we returned to the U.S. last July, our lives were quite stressful for a few months.  We had to obtain home goods & other needed items because we gave everything away before leaving for Taiwan.  We were also helping & praying for our girls to adjust to their new life in American culture & schools.  We started taking care of Jeanette’s mother who has Alzheimer’s, which is a full-time job for Jeanette.  Although now I have more time than when I was in Taiwan, have been keeping myself busy by reestablishing old relationships, developing missions partners, studying, spending time with my own parents who are 87 & 84 years old, and praying.  I have been praying a lot, which is a natural outcome of realizing my limitations & how little control I have over what is ahead.

Then this month, out of the blue a realization came over me like a gentle wave that reaches a sandy beach that many of our prayers before & after arriving in Chicago have been all answered in ways that pointed to our Father in heaven whose wisdom & timing are perfect!  He has found a perfect home for us that can accommodate Jeanette’s mother, meets our housing budget although the typical rent in our area is much higher, allows our girls to attend best schools, placed us near our good friends, also the church I grew up in.  Not only that our girls are loving both their schools & youth group at our church.  What I am trying to say is that I could’ve never planned all this, even if I wanted to.  There’s just no way!

Only God can orchestrate such tapestry of perfection!

Last weekend, I was invited by a church who has been faithfully supporting us for past 2 years to come & share about our missions in Taiwan.  The pastor of the church who is a gifted & loving shepherd used to be a student in our youth group a long time ago when Jeanette & I were helping out as teachers before I entered seminary.  We have lost contact, but by God’s providence, reconnected through Facebook.  So now we have a Presbyterian church in Stewartsville, New Jersey that has 168 years of history supporting & praying for us!  Again, we absolutely had nothing to do with this.  It’s all orchestrated by God who loves us!  The truth that overwhelmed my heart as the members of the church prayed over me.  All I can do is offer my praise & thanks to the One who is powerful, gracious & perfect in wisdom.

The whole congregation got up to pray over me!











Yes, we are still striving to raise financial support & still have other prayer concerns, but this month, I’ve been savoring & enjoying peace & joy that come from gratitude prompted by God’s gracious hand working in our lives.

He is so good!

Celebrated my dad’s 87th birthday this month!