OMF Taiwan’s Vision

Through God’s grace we long to see reproducing communities of disciples among the working class peoples of Taiwan.

Our mission is to evangelize, disciple & mobilize Taiwan’s working class peoples through pioneering ministries & partnership with local Christians.

Our purpose is to contribute to the building of the church in Taiwan through the proclamation of the gospel of Jesus Christ.  We give priority to the working class, as they are the primary unreached people group in Taiwan.

I remember about 20 years ago, when I was a youth pastor trying to teach the most basic & biblical concept of what church is to a group of kids.  The truth that the church is the Body of Christ was a mind altering revelation to many of them.  It was a life changing revelation for me as well when I first understood it.

The church being the Body of Christ is such an ingenious wisdom of God because it implies that the Body of Christ will not stand still, but be active & mobile, going places where people are lost & hurting without Christ.  In our world, there are too many churches that are waiting for people to come & hear the message, but their sanctuaries remain empty because those who have never heard of Christ or who are used to living in darkness cannot see their need for Jesus Christ.  Therefore, it has to be the Body of Christ who must go & reach out to the unreached, so that they may know their need for a Savior.

This is the reason why OMF Taiwan targets the working class.  Taiwan already has a very small percentage of Christians as it is with only 2-3% Christians, but the working class seems to be the most unreached people group in Taiwan, and they cannot see the spiritual bondage that they are in.

As I have shared last week, OMF Taiwan operates in the northern part of Taiwan, the middle & the southern part.  This week I would like to share a little bit about what we are doing in the northern part of the island.

The focal point of ministry in the north is Taipei.  Taipei is a very modern place with many amenities of a big city, and although still low in percentage, there are churches among the educated & well to do people.  But as stated above, OMF Taiwan’s vision dictates that we focus on the ghettos of Taipei where the working class people whom we categorize as the urban marginalized dwell.

The urban marginalized are the people of whose existence the modern society doesn’t want to acknowledge.  They are prostitutes, drug addicts, homeless, orphans, troubled teens, poor working class & etc.  It is to this group that OMF missionaries live amongst, share the Good News & resources & minister to.

Here are some of the ministries OMF missionaries are doing to share the love of Christ.

Pearl Family Garden is a center for former prostitutes & women who are in need of help & guidance.  In Taipei, there are many so called tea shops where girls from poor background work by selling themselves.  OMF missionaries reach out to these girls to show them that there is a better way in Christ.

The Spring of Living Water is a homeless ministry in Wanhua district of Taipei where we minister to the homeless by providing worship services & meeting their physical needs.  At the Spring of Living Water homeless can shower, get clothing, have tea & feel human again.

Also in Wanhua, there is an outreach to young men in the juvenile detention center to bring hope, and there are other outreaches to low income families & at risk teenagers.

Another special ministry is the Taipei Shopworkers Church that targets workers from department stores, beauty salons & restaurants.  Unlike traditional churches, the services & meetings are held late at night after the workers are finished with work.  This church also provides housing & runs a couple of businesses to provide employment.

OMF missionaries in Taipei area are involved in many different ministries to ultimately plant churches.  The Body of Christ who will go & make disciples of Jesus Christ.