I think we often underestimate the infinite creativity of God.  All we have to do is look at God’s creation to get a glimpse of His creativity.  The latest estimate according to NY Times is that there are approximately 8.7 million species of creatures on earth give or take 1.3 million.  It’s unfathomable how God put these species in their own perfect environment not only for survival, but for them to thrive & to reflect the beauty of their Designer.  In nature, one size never fits all.

I believe that the same applies to life & everything in it, except for one truth that Jesus Christ is the Savior & Lord of all.

There is no question that Jesus is the answer to all our problems, but HOW we are to make Christ known, and make followers of Him will vary a great deal.  The means will vary because every person is sinful, wounded & bound differently.  But somehow we have this tendency to apply what is working for others or what has worked in the past to every situation & every person we face.  But in life, one size never fits all.  It may be that we don’t want to deviate from current trends or maybe we are too afraid to be different, be left out or take risks.  But when we examine key biblical characters or crucial figures in Christian history, what we will find is that they did not blindly follow the popular trends of their times.  What they follow was the Word of God & the guidance of the Spirit that work creatively & powerfully to the hearts of men.

My point is that we don’t always follow what is in trend, no matter who is leading it.  Instead let the Word of God & the Holy Spirit help us to understand our own context of ministry because they are all different.  Have faith that God will lead us powerfully & creatively no matter where we are because otherwise we are not going to make it.

I think OMF Taiwan understands that in missions, one size never fits all.  Therefore how the OMF teams in Taichung/Taiping (the middle part of Taiwan) share the gospel to the working class is different than how the teams in the Taipei area do it.  These teams continually pray, reevaluate & discuss how they can more effectively reach lives with the gospel.

In our area, we have a team in Taiping, an area closer to the mountains, certainly not the most ideal place for foreigners planting churches, helping local churches & raising leaders.  This team also has a ministry to the handicapped/ disabled.  What they are doing isn’t very typical, but that’s what you get when you follow the Lord’s guidance.

Video of OMF Church Planting in Taiping, Taiwan

We have a team in Puxin, a rural area where they are reaching out to the youth & families through English teaching, baking, holding Christian holiday festivals, etc.  They also run a program in public school during school hours where they teach the students on Christian morals, purity & integrity.  GOD IS SO AMAZING & CREATIVE!

There is also a church planting team in Taichung, and our most veteran missionary couple who have been in Taiwan for 40 years are involved in college campus ministry raising future spiritual leaders.

What always boggles my mind is that even within OMF Taiwan, God works in so many beautiful ways, and Jeanette & I can’t wait to be immersed in our own ministry that shares the gospel in ways that only God can show us how.

God is doing great things here in Taiwan, and it is our prayer that you will be a part of it by following this blog, through prayers, by partnering or possibly even coming here to join us.  The possibilities are endless because that’s just how our God is.