discussing with mission partner

We all love good stories.  This is why we read bestselling books, watch epic movies & are drawn to good story tellers that give our imagination a workout.  Through stories we can learn lessons on courage, compassion, hope & even the dangers of evil.  This affinity towards stories isn’t too surprising since we all have our own story to share.  Stories of how we came to be the person that we are, the obstacles we face, stories of undeserved favor, the list goes on & on.

But I think the most compelling reason why we love stories is because good stories unite us as humanity for we share many common experiences.  We may share similar trials & triumphs, disappointments & joys, hurts & restoration, etc.  1 Corinthians 13:10 concurs, “No temptation has overtaken you except what is common to mankind.”  This is why good stories can make us cry, laugh, hope & ultimately make us better.

My own story has never been all that grand for from the beginning it’s a story of sickness, weakness & time wasted on vain search.  But what makes my story worth telling is that the Story of the Savior overlaps mine.  It is because of His redemptive story that Christians have found what we could never find on our own, and it’s a story that everyone must hear.

Story telling has been one of the main strategies that OMF is incorporating in their sharing of the gospel in the southern part of Taiwan.  It is an effective ministry especially among the working class.   It is because the working class people of Taiwan have limited formal education & they do not like to read.  The Taiwanese love sharing stories.  This is how they connect & relate to people.  This is why in our language curriculum the 2nd year is devoted to telling stories of the Bible.  So that we may draw them to Jesus’ redemptive story that can change everything about their lives.  This is the greatest story ever that we can share with humanity.  No story can equal.  What is holding us back?

Below is a video of how story telling is being used in church planting in Donggang.

Video of Church Planting in Donggang