Last Sunday’s sports outreach at a local middle school







One blessing that I am constantly grateful to God for is the fact that through Christ I have peace.  Due to Jesus’ atoning sacrifice on my behalf, I have peace with God.  There is no need for me to explain that such peace is what our world needs.  Because of this peace I can also strive to establish peace with men.  There is another aspect of peace that I always pray to possess & maintain.  It is peace that Jesus gives, which serves like an anchor that steadies me as I go through life.

I want to share about peace on this blog because I realized something about peace that I have never realized before.  On one hand, I’m somewhat embarrassed to admit that it took me this long to realize for I have been a pastor for many years.  On the other hand, if insight that I have gained can help someone, then more power to them.

Jesus Christ as the Prince of Peace, peace is what He freely gives to God’s children.  Christ is not a stingy giver of peace where we have to beg for it all the time.  The main problem isn’t that we haven’t received peace from Christ, but we often lose it.

We mistakenly believe that it’s our difficult circumstances or difficult people in our lives who upset our sense of peace.  As a result, we start praying to the Lord to change our circumstances or people.  But what I realize is that what always destroys my sense of peace isn’t what I can point to like situations or people, but what really destroys peace within me is my disobedience.  For example, when confronted with a trying circumstance, I can either trust in God’s sovereignty OR start worrying or start scrambling for my own solutions.  If you think about it, worrying is sin since in Matthew 6:25-26 God commands us not to worry.  I’m arguing that this disobedience is what causes us to lose our sense of peace because sin blinds us to His presence, holiness & sovereignty.  Sin destroys our peace.  If I may give another example, when someone is making your life difficult for whatever reason, again we have a choice to either obey or disobey God.  We can either decide to forgive, love & pray for the person OR harbor resentment or hatred.   It doesn’t take a lot to see which decision will lead to peace.

As I look back on my life, I can see that I was always in pursuit of peace.  It might’ve been that I would give in to others or run away or be silent for the sake of maintaining peace, but now I realize that unless peace comes from fully trusting in Jesus Christ and uncompromisingly obeying His Word, it is not true peace that Jesus offers. 

It is this peace that we are endeavoring to share with the Taiwanese in rural areas of Kaohsiung.  In our own area, we are seeing more & more broken families.  Children do not know their own parents.  The young & the old are under stress due to the competitiveness of Taiwanese society.  Many worship ancestors & idols out of fear of spiritual oppression or loss of blessings.  We see people in need of true peace that only Christ offers.

Please pray for our family so that we may grow in our faith & obedience which leads to Christ’s peace within us, peace that those around us will see & desire.