Joyful worship at Tandi outreach center

When God called the Israelites out of Egypt to go to the Promised Land, it was not only to free them from physical slavery, but more deeply to set them free from a worldly system that worships the created rather than the Creator, praises human achievements & believes in man’s own ability to obtain salvation.

Once set free, the Israelites/we are invited to go on this amazing journey that will challenge our faith, purify our hearts & continue to refine our ability to love & be loved by God who has called us as His own.  In other words, we are progressively moving away from what is worldly to what is godly.  It’s both a humbling & exhilarating process.

But in missions, something that is opposite occurs because missionaries are called to intentionally move from their Christian homes to a worldly environment where the created are worshipped, where man tries to manipulate his future & where salvation is believed to be for sale.   

One of the hardest aspects of living where we are is that we are surrounded by idol worship, religious burning, temples & shrines.  There is spiritual heaviness that weighs down on our spirit.  Therefore prayer becomes a way of survival, and this is why we ask of our partners’ prayers.  Worship also becomes much more than a weekly Christian routine, but a needed reminder & celebration of God’s promises & our identity in Christ.

In life & even on the mission field, there’s always a subtle pull back toward Egypt or worldly values.  We personally struggle with this as we raise our children.  The tension is between pursuit of academics that can give them an edge in the world & pursuit of spiritual development.  It would be most ideal if there could be a perfect balance between the two, but what if this balance is difficult to achieve?  What should come first?  We believe spiritual development is more important of the two for this is what will take our children to freedom, a healthy sense of self-worth & genuine relationship with their Creator & Redeemer who will unfold His amazing plan for their lives.   Jesus says in Luke 9:25, “What good is it for someone to gain the whole world, and yet lose or forfeit their very self?”

We understand that we must steadily move forward because Jesus also says in Luke 9:62, “No one who puts a hand to the plow and looks back is fit for service in the kingdom of God.”

As we worship every week with our Taiwanese brothers & sisters in Christ along with seekers who also attend our service, everything becomes more clear.  The reason why God calls us to go back to Egypt is so that we may guide others out to go on a journey that would lead them to the One who is gracious & glorious.

Praise & Prayer Concerns

  1. We really enjoy being part of the Tandi outreach center where we worship & help with the teenagers. We are grateful to the Lord that we are getting more & more comfortable with each other.  Next Sunday afternoon, we are having a BBQ with the teenagers.  Please pray for blessed fellowship.
  2. Jeanette is enjoying fellowship with women through her cooking class. Last Saturday she taught how to make Korean spicy chicken (dahk galbi) which was a big hit.  Please pray for good relationships among the women through these cooking classes, that some will come to know Jesus Christ.
  3. Last Saturday afternoon, we also led a missions training session using Jesus as our model. Leading a discussion is still a struggle for us due to our limited Mandarin.  It is our prayer that despite our limitations, God’s truth will still be communicated clearly.
  4. Pray for the children that our team leaders and Jeanette share Bible stories with. The past couple times the children were listening more attentively.  Jeanette was quite encouraged when a few children made references to previous stories during discussion time.
  5. Please pray for our own children and all MKs (missionary kids) who are on this journey with us. They have their share of struggles.
  6. Lastly, if your church or small group is interested in partnering with us in spreading the gospel of Jesus in Taiwan, please contact us via e-mail (