With Calvin’s parents

We are already 6 months into our home assignment, and if all goes well, we only have 6 months to go before we head back to Taiwan for our 2nd term.  Being back in the U.S. brings much joy to our hearts.  There are many reasons to be thankful to God for.  The familiarity, easy access to many things we missed, being near family, catching up with old friends, etc.  We are taking every blessing as a gift and enjoying the moment.  But we also miss Taiwan and being on the harvest field where we witnessed God’s transforming power in the lives of people. 

We trust that you all had a warm & meaningful Christmas holiday.  We also had a joyful Christmas with family, enjoying food & sharing laughter.  Our girls said this Christmas really felt like Christmas.  This is not only because they received more presents, but simply because they felt the spirit of Christmas everywhere.  In Taiwan, Christmas is just another work/school day.  It was something we had to get used to, but a good reminder why we were there too.  It’s a great time of year for outreaches and talks about the birth of Christ.  It’s a great time for Christians and the church to witness through our actions more than our words.

This isn’t something that happened at Christmas time, but something I remembered as I am thinking of being a witness through actions and not words.  Last year after all the summer camps were finished, a day trip for middle/high school students who helped out was arranged.  To our disappointment, one of the students said she couldn’t join us because she needed the whole day to be able to finish all her chores at her family farm.  It was our prayer that she could join us to continue to build a relationship with this student because she was not a Christian yet.  We were surprised to see her when we got to the train station.  Earlier that day, our Christian students went to her farm and worked together to finish all her chores so that she was able to come on the day trip with us.  These young hearts believed this is what Christians do.  We truly miss them & their young but pure faith. 

We have to admit that missional progress is quite slow.  It takes a long time to have a person understand and accept Christ into his/her heart. It’s not often that we get to witness it, but when we get to witness a baptism, there’s nothing more beautiful! At this mid-point of our home assignment, our hearts’ desire is to be back in Taiwan next summer & continue the work God has called us to do there.  Please keep us in your prayers.     

Updates & Praises

It has been a tremendous blessing for Jeanette to be a part of the choir at our current church.  The choir gave a special praise on Christmas Sunday and also went to worship with &sing at a Burmese immigrant church in the city. 

At Chin Baptist Church

We are also very grateful to the Lord that our son was able to come home for winter break.  Although he’s a young senior in college (just turned 21 last month), we are thankful that being on his own & by the grace of God, he has grown more mature & independent.  

Our two daughters finished their first semester joyfully because our God is a God who is faithful in answering our prayers!  They also went on their first youth group retreat this week.  It is our prayer that they have a fun & memorable time, and most importantly, hear God’s voice speaking to their hearts.   

We continue to be busy doing partnership development by meeting with people.  We gave a mission presentation together with one group and Calvin was invited to speak at another church this month.  Please continue to pray with us that our financial budget will be raised before the deadline (April 2019).