Our friends in Jhongliao spread the gospel through teaching English

Our friends in Jhongliao spread the gospel through teaching English










Happy New Year everyone!

The last 2 weeks of 2015 have been very meaningful & encouraging to us in numerous ways.

As a family, it felt a bit empty because it was the first time since Ethan was born that he wasn’t with us at Christmastime.  But we were so thankful that he was with Jeanette’s sister’s family.  His time with them was meaningful and encouraging.

For Jeanette and I in Taiwan, it was a time of affirmation that all those prayers lifted & attempts made to build relationships with people around our home have not been in vain.  Our 2nd Christmas here was filled with warm relationships that affirmed God’s presence in our lives & purpose for our family.  What makes these new relationships so precious is that we don’t have anything of worldly value to offer them, EXCEPT the love of Christ.  I remember preaching about how whatever we use to win people over to Christ, that is what we have won them over to.  We are so grateful that Jesus Christ is indeed enough.

God has been very patient & faithful in answering our prayers & communicating to us where our new location should be to move deeper into our missions in Taiwan.  Therefore, we submitted a letter to our field council on where we believe God is leading us.  The field council is the committee within OMF that will review our letter and help us to discern God’s will for our ministry.  We will meet in February to discuss & finalize our plans.  After we have been approved, we will let everyone know where it is.

What also has been very meaningful was that last week we were invited by 2 missionary families to visit their home/ministry.  We were excited to see them and learn how non-OMF missionaries are working in Taiwan.  What truly moved us is that these two missionary families are in very remote areas.  One is surrounded by mountains and the other by farms.  I’m sure it’s not easy being there, certainly not convenient.  But they are there to share Jesus Christ.  We were very encouraged by their faithfulness.

New Year's Day in Baojhong

New Year’s Day in Baojhong








Finally, what truly touched us was how God protected & provided for our missions.  Although we lost a major financial commitment in the middle of 2015, by the grace of God & generosity of God’s people, we were able to raise approximately 83% of our annual budget.

For 2016, we still have to raise more to fulfill our annual budget.  We earnestly ask for your prayers as we pray for more partners for our missions.  Please share our missions with churches or individuals interested in reaching the unreached in East Asia with the gospel of Jesus Christ.