1st outreach cooking class

I believe pretty much everything in life, whether it’s in the area of practicing our faith or experiencing peace (peace of mind) or being able to enjoy each day without being overwhelmed by uncertainties of tomorrow, comes down to this one question, “Who has control?”

If we believe we are the one in the driver’s seat, we are in for a stressful time.  Although we don’t want to admit it, many things in life are beyond our control.  The more we try to control & manipulate our circumstance & outcome, the more frustrated we become.  Some areas in life were never meant to be ours to control.  One big area we all can relate to as being out of our control is people.  Is it your boss?  Your co-workers?  Your neighbor?  Your spouse/significant other?  Your in-laws?  Your children?

At times people ask us how we are raising & teaching our children because they feel that we have a good handle on parenting.  The truth is we get frustrated and impatient.  We don’t have a great and proven formula.  We don’t always have the right answers and we make mistakes.  What was good and worked well with one child isn’t necessarily the same for the other.  Each child is an individual person created in God’s image.  We learned that we cannot and should not mold him or her into our own image.  We just have to love them, and more importantly trust in their heavenly Father to raise them up to be what He wants them to be.  All we can do is put our trust in their perfect Father & bombard their lives with prayers to the One who is in control.

Parenting is just one example.  Other areas like health, finance, relationships, and in our case ministry & its outcome are all where we don’t have control.  Some control maybe, but not complete control.

The sooner we understand this truth, the sooner we will find ourselves in the presence of the One who is truly in control of all things.  It is here that you begin to enjoy peace that transcends all understanding, and it is in this place you will hear His voice that says…

“You are my servant; I have chosen you and have not rejected you.  So do not fear, for I am with you; do not be dismayed, for I am your God.  I will strengthen you and help you; I will uphold you with my righteous right hand (Isaiah 41:9-10).” 

Is it not the best place to be?

Ministry update & prayer requests:

  1. Pray for our church in Gangshan to be the beacon of hope and light to the community. Thankful that I had an opportunity to preach in the Sunday main service for the 2nd  My Mandarin is still far from where it needs to be, but they are patient and continue to invite me to preach.
  2. Once a month we lead a meeting for those who are interested in overseas missions. Pray that God give them discernment.
  3. Pray for the youth group at Tandi outreach center where we share once a month. We are regularly attending their worship to deepen our relationship with the people there.
  4. Pray for our children. They have their share of transitions to go through & obstacles to overcome.
  5. Pray for the 1st and 2nd graders in the elementary school where Jeanette tells Bible stories. Pray that she tell the stories clearly.  Discussion time is difficult for her as she doesn’t always understand what the children are saying or know how to respond to their questions quickly in Mandarin.

    The ladies listening attentively

  6. Jeanette is excited about a cooking class that was opened up as an outreach. Praise God that 18 people have signed up.  It was a wonderful time of getting to know the ladies & laughing with them.  It is our prayer that through these opportunities some of them will come to know God who loves them.