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When I started writing this weekly missions blog a year and a half ago, we began with a prayer, which continues to this day that our brothers & sisters in Christ can go on this missional journey with us.  And there are many ways that one can be part of this journey.  One can simply follow us on our weekly blog to know what God is doing in Taiwan & also in us.  One can also share what you have learned about missions with others sowing seeds in their hearts.  You will be amazed by how God makes those seeds of truths take root & grow in the hearts of men.  However one of the most powerful ways to participate in missions is through prayer.  Oswald Chambers emphasized how prayer isn’t merely preparation for God’s work, but prayer is the work.   Certainly prayer is what moves & transforms all things, especially human hearts.  If I may mention one more, one can certainly go where God is calling him or her.

We hope that as we go through this missional process together, we will all gain a better understanding & conviction of how we can fulfill Jesus’ final command for all of us to make disciples of all nations.

I have to admit that for me personally being on the mission field has been a bit straining emotionally.  It’s probably because I am still transitioning to this new culture that differs from my own in many ways.  But there are many constant elements as well that keep me grounded like comforting power of family, encouragement of friends, God’s faithfulness, His radiant presence, His truths that never change & so forth.  This week though I wanted to share about another element that has been constant in our lives since we arrived in Taiwan, and that is the pursuit & process of learning.

Learning is probably not the first thing to enter our minds as we think about missions, but without it, one can never assimilate into a new culture & have an incarnational ministry.  Sometimes Christians with best of intentions come to the mission field believing how missions should be done despite their lack of understanding of the culture & its people.  They usually end up reproducing what they know how to do or what may be in trend.  But logically speaking, the most foundational place to begin any missionary endeavor is to study & learn about the people, their culture, history, their joy, hurts, fears & beliefs that dictate their lives.  It is only with such understanding that a missionary can have a heart to heart connection with the people.

This human connection at its simplest & most foundational level is what we are after, connection free of ulterior motives, selfishness & weighing of what can be gained.  This is something that children do naturally.  They make friends simply because they like each other, not because that friendship can further their cause.  Simply put, we want to extend friendship because they matter to us.  But in order for us to care about these lives, we must first humbly, patiently & lovingly learn as much about them as we can, so that eventually they will want to learn about Christ who lives in us.

Being a learner has been a meaningful experience because it naturally clothes you in humility that invites helping hands from the Lord & even from the people we are praying for.  Maybe this is why Christ calls us to be His disciples… learners.

It is our prayer that we can learn more & more about the people of Taiwan & their spiritual needs together.  I’m including a couple of OMF videos that show how learning is an integral part of missions.  May they be an encouragement to you.

“Learn – Taiwan”

Testimony of what our most recent short-term missionaries have learned about missions in Taiwan & what their next step will be.