Kaohsiung shown in red (Taiwan ROC political division map Kaohsiung City, 2010)

Kaohsiung shown in red
(Taiwan ROC political division map Kaohsiung City, 2010)

Last week, we met with the OMF Taiwan field council to discern & pray together where God may be leading our family to move this summer to continue with our mission work.

It’s official!  We will be moving down to a rural district in KaohsiungKaohsiung is located in the Southwestern part of Taiwan.  We want to thank everyone for your prayers!  They mean so much here on the mission field where spiritual battles are rampant & where we see prayers being unfolded.  We realize that it is always by God’s grace & power that we can do anything, but we are also convinced that without the prayer support of God’s people behind us, we couldn’t have come this far nor can we persevere in the task God has given us.  We praise God for you!

We have about 4 months to prepare for the move, and we are flooded with emotions.  Certainly we are grateful beyond measure that God has brought us this far, and also excited to move into an area where churches & Christians are scarce.  This is why we have come to Taiwan.  We feel that God led us to this area and it is a good fit for us.  Idol & ancestor worship is a way of life there, but people tend to be more relational & more willing to take time to interact.  We hope this means that building relationships will be relatively easier than in the city where everyone is busy.

Ciaotou (a rural district in Kaohsiung)

Ciaotou (a rural district in Kaohsiung)

We hope this doesn’t indicate lack of faith, but within us are also anxieties.  Moving in itself is stressful as there many uncertainties.  There are always things unknown or cannot be prepared for.  It hasn’t been long since we started feeling familiar with living in Taichung and now we’re looking at moving again.  Please pray for our girls who have to change school again and make new friends.  They have been steadily adjusting to this new culture pretty well with minimal complaining and we pray that they will transition smoothly again.  This is the life of missionary children.

Please also pray for our language studies.  We know that our Mandarin isn’t good enough to be comfortable in every setting, but we hope that we will still be able to fit in with our new neighbors and that they won’t see us as outsiders.  Also, there will be more Taiwanese spoken there.  Although Mandarin is the official language of Taiwan & almost everyone speaks it, Taiwanese is what one might call the heart language for many people, especially in rural areas and within the working class.  We noticed that some Taiwanese words sound similar to Korean words so we hope that we’ll be able to pick up a few phrases here and there.  We realize that language will be an area for ongoing study for a long time.  We are praying that our transition to the South will be as smooth as possible.

We can’t believe that it has already been a year & a half in Taiwan.  During that period, we have to admit there were many challenges & uncertainties to overcome.  Time & time again God has revealed Himself as faithful God whose promises are always proven to be true.  Along with the prayer support of God’s people, we often felt peacefully triumphant!  But we know our missional journey is just beginning, and though things may not all be ideal, there are no words to describe how excited we are to see God’s loving hand working in Taiwan.  We pray that He uses us to witness many become our brothers & sisters in Christ!