Many people in this world dream of, desire & demand perfection from others & from themselves.  I’m sure you know a perfectionist.  Maybe you are one.  I certainly was…well, I’m still in the process of being restored to imperfection.  I hope that makes sense.

Perfectionism reveals more about our imperfection than any other.  It also has the power to taint all of our efforts from being enjoyed & celebrated.  Ultimately perfectionism leads us to a dark place of despair for perfection is unattainable.  It is an illusion… a mirage.

Let me make one thing clear.  PERFECTION EXISTS, but it lies beyond this life where God’s glory abounds & praises of Him resonates to eternity and where life becomes synonymous with love, joy & peace.

1 Corinthians 13:10 asserts, “When perfection comes, the imperfect disappears.”  That is to say that until perfection comes at the end imperfection is the way of life, but for a perfectly good reason.

I have been running for 4 years.  You could say that I enjoy running, but I run ugly.  My outfits don’t match.  I have sensitivity to sun exposure so my skin is slathered with a thick white layer of sunblock which hides any runner’s glow if I had any.  Not only that I run pretty slow with achy joints.  Seasoned runners speak of “runner’s high”, but it’s a foreign concept to me since from the 1st step to the last feels like a workout.  So I have to run prayerfully.  It means that it becomes a time of reflection, repentance & prayer.  Don’t get me wrong, intertwined in my prayers are also complaints, daydreaming of self-importance & negative emotions.  It’s never pretty.  How I wish I could run beautifully with perfect determination & attitude.  At the end of each run, I undoubtedly come to a realization of my frailty & conviction that it is purely by God’s grace that I run.  Despite my imperfection, He allows me to run.  Imagine that!

Parenting is another area that continues to humble my heart.  It humbles me for the very same reason that it reveals how imperfect I am as a parent.  How I wish I could always encourage & empower my children with perfect wisdom, always be empathic with what they are going through, and my patience never runs out.  I love my children dearly, but a perfect father I am not.  Without realizing it, I often expect from them what I myself am running from… perfection.

As I have mentioned earlier perfection is an illusion, but we nevertheless long for it BECAUSE we are created for it.  The problem lies not in our desire for perfection, but in that we are looking for it in all the wrong places.  Nothing & no one in this world can give us a glimpse of perfection we so crave.

The only perfection we can taste despite our imperfection is through knowing Christ who is perfect.  It is in His perfect forgiveness, in His unconditional love & acceptance, and in His perfect truth that we can be gracious with imperfections that surround us.  And it is those imperfections that push us to long for & commune with the One who purifies & beautifies all things in His perfect time.

I am so grateful that God is perfect in His wisdom & power as He leads us here in Taiwan, and though not pretty, we are making imperfect progress each day.