I’ve been a Christian since I was 18, and been in pastoral ministry for almost 20 years, and

you think that you know who God is.

But even now He continues to blow my mind & reorganizes

my neatly packaged theology


I’m reminded of how little I know of His GREATNESS.

It’s funny because words like greatness, awesomeness, graciousness, etc. do not do justice to who He is. I just can’t think of a word that is WORTHY enough of describing how amazing & mind blowing He is.

So far, the best word that I can ascribe to His name is “HOLINESS.”

God is HOLY! He is HOLY!

His HOLINESS continues to make me tremble!

Maybe… the best thing for me to do is to be silent & let my spirit do what my words could never accomplish

For the past 6 months, Jeanette & I have been busy doing PD (partnership development), so that we may have the prayer & financial support to go to Taiwan next summer. I know that I don’t need to mention how FAITHFUL our God has been.

Even recently a friend of mine has shared great news that his church has decided to be one of our partners, and I’m speechless

God has a way of making us lost for words.

It’s crazy! We are getting pledges & support from our friends here in Tampa of course, but also from people & places that we never imagined, believers from places like Iowa, Houston, Chicago, and get this, even from a missionary couple in Bangladesh!


No words could describe what’s happening in my heart.

I am just beginning to understand after all these years that the ONE who is doing ministry & missions is not us, but GOD Himself. A missionary is just one piece of the global puzzle, and GOD is bringing together all these other pieces to finish His work of harvesting.

This is what we see in our preparation process to go to Taiwan. We see God’s hand moving to bring in the perfect pieces at perfect times to show us that it’s not up to us, but up to Him who is orchestrating all things.

Establishing our website (jc4taiwan.org) & missions blog would not have been possible if God hadn’t sent the right servants to our lives to help us, and He sent them at such a perfect time. And blogging? I didn’t fully grasp what blogging was until several weeks ago.

The fact that I, a technologically outdated & impaired man is blogging is a testament to God’s graciousness & sense of humor.

The bottom line is:


Job confessed (Job 42:2), “no purpose of yours can be thwarted.”

It has never been about, “Am I going to serve God’s purpose or do His work?” because GOD is determined to fulfill His will & finish His work.

The sobering truth is that God doesn’t need my participation, and this may sound controversial, but God doesn’t need our prayers either because again


What’s mind boggling is that although God doesn’t need us,

He DESIRES our participation & prayers, so that our joy may be full

a true heart of a Father who loves us.

The question has always been,

Do you want to be a part of what God is doing in our world to save, to beautify & to reveal His glory?”

Everyone who accepts this invitation has a purpose & role in completing the redemptive picture that God has willed before the creation of the world & is in the process of bringing it to completion.

Embrace His invitation, and we will see the beautiful handiwork of God unfolding right before our eyes!