Although Jeanette & I both grew up in Chicago, we have forgotten how cold it could get here.  This week Chicago is expecting a record low temperature, plunging down to -23° F (-30° C).  When we look outside, pretty much everything is blanketed by snow.  It is quite beautiful seeing the world covered in snow.  However, it also appears somewhat cold & lifeless.  Of course, the reality is far from it because no matter how long the winter may be, underneath all that snow lies life that is growing mysteriously & with certain determination.  In due time we will see the colorful outcome of all that was happening away from our sight.  Spring will always follow winter no matter how harsh it was.

One truth that we rediscover time & time again is that our God is always at work within & around us.  It doesn’t matter what we can see or how we feel.  God is always at work to redeem lives, restore what’s broken & bring glory to Himself.  This certainly describes our home assignment thus far.  To be honest, the past 6 months felt like a blur because so much has happened – from transitioning to a new life in the U.S. to taking care of Jeanette’s mother with Alzheimer’s & dementia to raising support for our missions.   We were always busy, but felt as though we weren’t accomplishing anything.  I look back and now see that underneath the busyness of life, our faithful God was constantly & consistently at work. 

During this period we were able to reconnect with many of our old friends who became such a wonderful source of encouragement & help.  We also made new friendships as well.  Our girls are thriving and our Lord has filled our hearts with much joy & peace.  Even our support level, which has been quite low has increased drastically and we are currently at about 85%.  How amazing is our God! 

As we plan & pray for our return to Taiwan this summer, we are reminded of the harvest that is waiting for us.  And our hearts are filled with excitement, an emotion that only those who hope in the Lord can experience.  We are so grateful to all of you for going on this missional journey together with us.  It means a lot!


It’s Chinese New Year season in Taiwan which means students are on winter break for about a month.  This is the time when our former ministry in Tandi conducts winter camps to local elementary & middle schools.  Winter camps are a great way to do outreach to young people in Tandi.  Please pray that these camps will lead many students to a saving relationship with Jesus Christ.