It has only been a week, but we have so much to share. We do apologize for not having internet presence, but we still have a couple more weeks before we’ll be able to set up internet service. We will be able to use internet briefly while at the children’s school in the meantime.

We are still cleaning & getting settled in our apartment. Once it’s done, we will post some pictures. Below are a couple of views from our apartment. As you can see we live some distance away from the city in an urban/rural town. As we have shared last week, it is quite hot & humid, but it does cool down in the evening hours.



One place in the apartment that is all set up is the kitchen. Jeanette works hard to make meals for us using minimal kitchen tools & food items. In our new life in Taichung, one of the key values has to be simple living.


This past week has been quite busy as we applied for Alien Resident Card, enrolled in language school, attended our children’s school orientation & class registration, got a Chinese name stamp (works as a signature) and attended prayer meeting with fellow OMF missionaries. We were longing for that Christian fellowship & prayer time. It was encouraging. Afterwards, a few of us had lunch together. Most restaurants in Taichung are usually tiny with 1-3 tables & the kitchen is almost always outside in front of the restaurant. We’re guessing that it’s because it’s too hot inside to cook.




Last Friday evening, we hopped on a bus and decided we’ll get off wherever it looks interesting. The final stop was Taichung Train Station. It looked pretty old, but I was told later that you can reach all the major cities from that station. We will most likely use that train station to visit the OMF office in Taipei before the year is over.

Very close to our home is a shrine that reminds us of the spiritual blindness that plague Taiwan. In fact, we can walk in any direction from home and come upon some sort of shrine with idols & incense burning. It both overwhelms & saddens our hearts that our enemy has such a hold on people’s hearts & lives.


Sunday marked the 15th day of the Ghost Month in Taiwan. The Taiwanese believe that at the start of the Ghost Month (August) each year, hell opens up for 30 days releasing ghosts. The 15th day is particularly important because it’s the day where sacrifices of food & drinks are offered to ghosts to appease them so that they do not bring misfortune. They set up a table of offering and incense burning outside of their home and store. They also buy special paper to burn inside big metal cisterns. It’s a sight you cannot avoid because it’s everywhere.


On this same Sunday was our first time in a Taiwanese church. The worship service held about 35-40 members. Although we couldn’t understand the language, it was evident that it was a special Sunday with 2 testimonies & ministry reports. One of the testimonies powerfully moved me even though I didn’t understand his words because as he spoke his emotions couldn’t be contained and he wept. His t-shirt fittingly had 3 powerful English phrases that further explained his message.

One Desire

One Pursuit

One Answer

One Answer… there is only one answer to all that we are seeking & searching for. There was this young man, unlike his neighbors who are burning paper & trying to appease demons disguised as ghosts, who found the ANSWER that brings Him tears of peace & joy.

During praise we couldn’t understand what words were being sung but all of a sudden we heard Ye Su. It is the way we say Jesus in Korean and it is the way they say it here too. I got teary and Jeanette shared later that she did as well. All our spirit needed to hear was the Name of JESUS & we were undone. There’s power in His Name!

For, “Everyone who calls on the NAME OF THE LORD will be saved (Romans 10:13).”

After the worship service, we stayed for lunch at the church. It was a good time of warm fellowship with our Taiwanese brothers & sisters in Christ. A few people spoke some English so it was very helpful in getting to know them. After the meal everyone was responsible for washing his or her own rice bowl & chopsticks. Why didn’t we think of that before!


Let me end by saying that you are in our prayers and please e-mail us your prayer concerns. Although it will take much patience, prayer & perseverance, we are excited to see how our partnership will come to fruition here in Taiwan.