Joyful fellowship with young adults at Gangshan Church








There is a beautiful phrase in Isaiah 61:3, “a garment of praise.”  I believe God calls every one of His children/servants to put on this garment of praise for it allows us to see His presence & gracious hand working in our lives.  But that is not all.  Seeing God’s hand upon our lives & experiencing His goodness gives us the courage & confidence to trust Him with our future.  But I want to emphasize that it all begins when we choose to put on the garment of praise.

God helps me to put on my garment of praise showing me again and again how faithful He is in encouraging & strengthening us here in Taiwan.  Through various means, situations & people, God has been working in us to make progress in our missional endeavors, in our character & faith, no matter how imperfect that progress may be.  Our God is truly all that He claims to be & more!  I’m humbled by the fact that this holy God has chosen to be part of our lives to heal, transform & use us for His glory.  Of course, the most perplexing part about it is that He does not have to do anything for us, for me.  All I can do is offer my praise to the Holy One.

We have one more year to go in our 1st term, then we will be going back to the U.S. for 1 year home assignment. We are looking forward to share our stories of God’s faithfulness, goodness & power.  Please continue to pray with us, that the people of Taiwan may be changed by the love & truth of Jesus Christ.

Prayer Concerns

In July, we have summer camps at local schools in the Tandi area.  Please pray that seeds of God’s love & truth will be sown in the hearts of the students.

A weekly reading & discussion class for youth will begin next week.  It will be led by a couple young adults and Jeanette.  It is our prayer that some may find God’s purpose in their lives and challenge them.

On the 16th of this month, our college student leader has organized a service opportunity for our youth group to do community clean up.  Our family will be joining them.  Pray for safety as we travel & work together, and also for joyful fellowship to bring us closer.