Family picture after becoming OMF members in 2013

Dear friends & family,

We have a very important announcement to make, so please read on. 

The past 1-1/2 weeks have been one of the hardest period after returning home from Taiwan.  We moved Jeanette’s mother to a nursing home where her Alzheimer’s & dementia can be better taken care of 24/7.  Though we know that this is the best option for her, it doesn’t make it any easier.  Jeanette’s been visiting her mother almost every day to spend time with her, to bathe her & to make the transition as comfortable as possible.  Jeanette’s mother who is unaware of her condition seems to accept the move as something that’s necessary although she doesn’t understand why.  She has repeatedly told Jeanette, “You don’t have to visit me often, but please don’t go too far.”

Ever since we’ve decided to enter ministry, we have always strived to seek after the will of God, but even after so many years, discerning His will remains a difficult process.  There is no question that the Lord has been faithful in our lives & opened many doors for us to come to this point in time, but there are also our loved ones who are in need of our presence & help more than ever in their lives. 

Therefore, we have made the toughest decision of our lives, much harder one than when we first decided to go to Taiwan.  We have made the decision to remain in Chicago to take care of Jeanette’s mother and also my own parents who are going to need our help more and more.  Remaining in Chicago means that we can also help our son get settled after his graduation in June.  For how long?  We are not certain. 

We are truly heart broken by the prospect of disappointing you & maybe even discouraging your faith.  We deeply apologize from the bottom of our hearts.  We are also grateful to you for your faithful prayers & support.  We are truly indebted to your kindness & generosity.

At the moment, our future seems uncertain, but we are trusting that God will guide us through this trying period.  Jeanette, besides taking care of her mother, has been busy with applications for a job so that we can stay in Chicago near parents.  I (Calvin) am also praying for a pastoral position in this Chicago area.  We are trusting that God will provide. 

Please keep us in your prayers as we continue to transition to new life & roles here in Chicago.