Although I have been blogging only for a short time, so far it has been an interesting journey because it has been such an educational experience at a personal level.

It has revealed a lot about myself & about our nature.

My understanding of blogging is that I am simply sharing what’s in my heart & mind prompted by various sources but ultimately by the One who is sovereign. It’s an outlet that allows us to write & verbalize the truths & thoughts that need to be captured, so that they are not lost along with their impact on our hearts.

But there’s susceptibility that I’ve encountered even at my early stage of blogging that if I am not careful, I will end up writing for an audience, which is not a bad thing. What I mean is we can start making choices about topics, issues & phraseology, so that our writing will be more appealing & stimulating, which will lead to more hits. I don’t believe that’s a terrible thing, especially if you are trying to tap into a wider audience to influence them.

I started blogging to simply write about 2 things: missions & Christ because in these last days, I believe these 2 to be most important.

Sounds like such an uncomplicated endeavor, but I’m finding out that even this simple task of blogging is not exempt from distractions, temptations & insecurities we struggle with in life, ministry & missions.

Many believe that things we produce in life reflect & reveal who we are, therefore, we put out an effort to refine what we put out there.

But I think the beauty of blogging is that it gives us an opportunity to take sort of a snap shot of what was going on in our mind & life on that particular day & that moment of typing. It does not have to be perfect. It just needs to be truthful & honest even if unintentional errors occur because, like anything else in life, blogging is a journey and we are always changing. Sometimes for the better, but there will also be times when it will be for the worse. But as long as we continue & persevere we will not stop growing.

This is how I feel about ministry & missions as well.

Oftentimes we are so busy trying to appear like we know what’s going on at all times that it stunts our natural growth & progress. Many of us end up mimicking what’s working for others because we are so afraid of lagging behind or worse, so that we can be “in” with the popular church culture or church movement. Like blogging, there’s a danger that if we are not careful, we will end up doing it for the people, and secure self-affirmation from the outcome.

This is when a ministry & missionary journey become characterized by emotional ups and downs & insecurities. What’s worse is that what should be most exciting & joyful becomes not fun.

God is so amazing that not only is He powerful & gracious, He is also infinitely creative. He is working in each & every one of our lives in a unique & creative way to accomplish His will in this world. The worse thing that we can do is to deny God’s creativity & unpredictability by following what everyone else is doing just because it’s working for them & because we desire certain outcome.

When we go that route, there will be pressure because now it will be about producing & showing people.

I have seen too many church buildings go up on the mission fields without trained indigenous pastors to fill them because that’s what everyone else is doing.

How silly.

I don’t think our world needs more empty church buildings… we have more than enough here in the States & in Europe. But still a missionary who has been on the field for 23 years have shared with me that it’s a lot easier to raise funds for a big missions building project than to raise a fraction of the cost for seminarians who will eventually graze, guard & guide the flocks in the mission fields because investing in people doesn’t have the same effect of accomplishment as a big building that one could see & be proud of.

This is what happens when we lose sight of our original intent.

I hope my future blog in Taiwan will be filled with stories of people hearing, knowing & being transformed by the love & truth of Christ, nothing more or nothing less. And I suspect there will be joy.

Whether it’s blogging or ministry or missions, it’s really about enjoying the gift God has presented us with & loving that moment with God.

When I meet pastors & missionaries, I never ask how big their church is or what the membership is or what they are doing currently because I have no doubt that our awesome & sovereign Lord is doing His thing in their lives & ministries. We don’t have to see it to believe it.

The only question I have is “how long?”

“How long have you been a pastor?”

“How long have you been serving at your church?”

“How long have you been on the mission field?”

Because it’s the journey that matters.

More importantly who is in this journey with us?

We all experience both success & failure, but I’m sure you know that’s not the point. It really isn’t. It’s all about enjoying our journey with God through whatever it is that we do.

The encouraging promise is that “He who began a good work in you will carry it on to completion until the day of Christ Jesus (Philippians 1:6).”