No one can fathom the wisdom & activities of God for He is infinitely above & beyond us.  Men may try & even speak as though they have figured Him out, but He just cannot be put into the box of our minds.  But there are times though probably more than we realize when He reveals Himself to us through various means (the Word, prayer, circumstances, people & the HS), so that we may connect the dots to see how closely He is walking with us & working on our behalf.  Without God’s active involvement, we just cannot be.

As missionaries, we are reminded of God’s gracious presence in our lives every day, if not every moment.  All I know is that we are led to prayers more often, and also find ourselves celebrating each victory that God brings more readily no matter what kind of obstacles may be waiting for us tomorrow.  But this isn’t denial of what lies ahead, but rather, celebrating God’s deliverance today empowers us to face tomorrow & everything that comes with it with more peace, faith & even excitement… excitement that only those who have experienced & now crave for more of God can feel.

As you may have already discovered, God is all that He says He is.  But biblically & experientially there is a prerequisite for experiencing God’s truth, His deliverance & joy.  It is that HE ALONE HAS TO BE OUR SECURITY for salvation, for what this world brings & for what lies ahead as we fine tune our lives to His will.

Initially that may sound quite scary because making God our only security entails that we must let go of everything else that gives us security.  But the secret is there’s a sense of freedom & peace that fill your heart once you realize that God is all you got.  It is in that very moment that you cease trying to make sense of everything & figure things out on your own.  Instead you begin to simply TRUST in the One who has created the universe & holds everything together.  And all you need to understand is that God loves you, that He is all powerful & that “in all things God works for the good of those who love Him!”  Nothing escapes Him & everything is under His control.

God’s wisdom & timing often leave me speechless & at awe.  Recently we found out that our Florida driver’s license can be exchanged to Taiwan driver license.  Florida is 1 of only 7 states from U.S.  allowed this privilege.  When I discovered this information, 2 thoughts entered my mind.  First thought was, “God already knew that we would be coming to Taiwan when we didn’t even know it ourselves.”  Two, I immediately thought of a wise friend in Tampa who advised me to renew my driver license that was going to expire at the end of year.  I didn’t think much about renewing my license because I knew that I would be in Taiwan for about 4 years.  I just thought I could renew it when I go back home, but by grace of God I listened to my friend.  That was about half a year ago, but without my renewed license, I wouldn’t be able to get my Taiwan driver license.

That’s the wisdom of God!  I was given the opportunity to connect some dots and then I understood.

There were many times after we have arrived in Taiwan where I am reminded that I lack wisdom, foresight & abilities.  But rather than fear & doubt I feel peace & hope for something only the wisdom & power of God can design & orchestrate.  That’s a blessed place to be!

May God be your only security now & forever!