The harvest is plentiful throughout the year in Taiwan due to warm climate.








I might’ve mentioned this before, but serving the Lord is quite paradoxical.  It appears as though you are losing everything that gives you worth, and yet you find yourself enjoying the precious things that make your life worth living.  Although the future seems uncertain, you discover that your vision has never been clearer.  You are exhausted, but don’t want to stop because the joy that the Lord supplies continue to overflow.

As we are getting ready for our 1st home assignment this summer, I am beginning to understand why each term is 5 years (4 years on the field & 1 year back home) because we are tired.  We also miss those who have shared life & ministry together with us back home.  Can’t believe that I haven’t seen them for almost 4 years.  Our girls’ memory of home continues to fade.  Our youngest is saddened by the fact that she has to leave her friends… again.  I guess that’s a part of being a missionary family, but I do ask for your prayers that our girls’ transition back to the U.S., especially to their new schools will be encouraging.  Moving to American public schools from a Christian school where your entire grade is only about 22-24 students, I suspect that it will be somewhat shocking.

Missions affects not only Jeanette & me, but our children as well.  It even affects our son who is in college back in the States because we are not there for him.  I originally thought that Jeanette & I are the missionaries, and that the children just came along.  Now, I am discovering more & more that we are not a missionary couple with children, but we are in fact a missionary family.  Therefore we go through mountains & valleys together.  But the beauty of it all is that we get to experience Christ’s graciousness & presence in our lives together as well.

It’s somewhat odd to me that although we are so looking forward to being back in the U.S., I already cannot wait to come back to Taiwan.  Maybe it’s the excitement I feel knowing that with better language now, we could do much more during our 2nd term than our 1st.  Recently 3 teenagers were baptized at Tandi Gospel Center, but there are more people in our midst who are close to accepting Jesus as his or her Savior & Lord.  How can we not get excited about being back & seeing Jesus continuing to transform hearts & lives?  I am sure it’s a combination of reasons why I’m already longing to be back, but the most piercing reason is stated in Matthew 9:37.  Jesus says, “The harvest is plentiful, but the workers are few…”

This is truly an eye opening paradox that the harvest is plentiful, but there are not enough workers to reap the crop. When we ponder this, our hearts can be filled with different emotions like sadness or frustration, but what I see are opportunities, and because the harvest is plentiful, it guarantees our success!  What a blessing that is!

Please “Ask the Lord of the harvest, therefore, to send out workers into his harvest field (Matthew 9:38).”