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April Update

by Pastor Calvin

Starting from April 8th through the 17th, there was a major religious festival in Taiwan to honor Mazu, the goddess of the sea whose influence reaches far beyond the sea to the rest of Taiwan.  This festival that celebrates her birthday, which alludes to her human origin, is one of the biggest religious festivals in […]

The Gift of Presence

by Pastor Calvin

Though God’s truth accommodates our humanness, there are still many passages that are beyond our full comprehension.  This is a good thing for it compels us to continue studying & searching for His truth that will ultimately set us free from all things that bind us.  Still there are times when we are perplexed by […]

Continual Reliance

by Pastor Calvin

Last week, we were in Hengchun for the OMF 1st term missionaries conference.    This is anybody who has been here under 4 years.  What we appreciate so much about OMF International is their commitment to provide ongoing support & training for their missionaries.  At the conference, we learned about evangelism, church planting, urban marginalized ministry, […]