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Providing a Choice

by Pastor Calvin

            It felt quite strange celebrating Easter where the majority of the people have no idea what has taken place approximately 2,000 years ago on Calvary… that which altered the trajectory of human history forever.  We were reminded of why God has brought us here. We are so grateful that […]

Process of Rediscovery

by Pastor Calvin

            Perhaps turmoil in our hearts as we go through life is really due to the question of who is in control… even for us who are God’s children.  Although it is in our weakness that God’s power is made perfect, accepting our helplessness still does not come easy. I […]

Humble Confidence

by Pastor Calvin

          We went to Kaohsiung last weekend.  On Saturday Megan had a soccer tournament which happened to be at the school that our girls will be transferring to.  It’s actually a smaller branch of their current school.  Morrison Academy began with one teacher and six missionary kids.  Now they have 3 […]