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by Pastor Calvin

Last week, we met with the OMF Taiwan field council to discern & pray together where God may be leading our family to move this summer to continue with our mission work. It’s official!  We will be moving down to a rural district in Kaohsiung.  Kaohsiung is located in the Southwestern part of Taiwan.  We […]

Sweetness in Missions

by Pastor Calvin

              Fulton Oursler wrote the Greatest Story Ever Told, which was made into a movie that people from my generation may have seen during Easter time.  In one of his writings, he mentions his old nurse who was born a slave in Maryland.  She delivered both his mother & […]

When Earth Quakes

by Pastor Calvin

                  We would like to first thank everyone for checking up on us right after the earthquake in Taiwan.  We are truly touched by your loving concerns & prayers.  Mild earthquakes occur quite regularly in Taiwan, but they are usually very brief & not dangerous.  This is […]