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Language of the Heart

by Pastor Calvin

            Taichung is pretty hot.  Heat is one thing that continues to be a challenge for my family.  We do have one working air conditioner in our bedroom, so on unbearably hot nights the 5 of us sleep together in our bedroom.  Somehow Jeanette & I have come to believe […]

Eternal Ambition

by Pastor Calvin

              When we went to Thailand 2 weeks ago for the 150th anniversary OMF conference, we got to stay one extra day to visit a special friend of mine, Pastor Dan. He & I went to the same church when we were younger, then later ended up at the […]

Repentance & Remembrance

by Pastor Calvin

OMF 150th Anniversary Video About a week ago, my family attended a conference in Thailand.  OMF International was celebrating its 150th anniversary.  OMF International’s missionaries & their families from all over the world joined this special event to celebrate God’s faithfulness since Hudson Taylor first entered China.  Approximately 1,600 people attended this conference, which included […]

Power of Identity

by Pastor Calvin

          Friends & family, For past few days we have been at a very special place where God’s presence is powerfully felt, His Word piercing, our faith challenged & where our missionary journey makes perfect sense. It’s been pure joy to hear how God has been working in the lives of […]