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Leaving Taichung

by Pastor Calvin

          In recent posts, I mentioned about how our family has to leave Taichung to another city or town in Taiwan after first 2 years.  I am sure some of you may be wondering about the rationale for such a move because moving means that we have to start all over.  […]

Everyone Matters

by Pastor Calvin

            As I have shared in our last post, we need to decide on 3 places to visit to see where God is leading us to move & live permanently to do missions work.  OMF in Taiwan’s target people are the working class & the urban marginalized.  Since 16 million […]

Truth in Love

by Pastor Calvin

                  Summer vacation began 2 weeks ago for our children.  Ethan’s been preoccupied with college preparation (still had forms to be filled out and waiting), and the girls have been going to language school with us to continue Mandarin studies.  We hope they too will soon become […]

The Heart of Missions

by Pastor Calvin
the working class

          I have been wrong. In the past, I thought I knew how missions should be done.  I strongly felt that our time & resources had to be invested in personalities rather than on other things such as building structures because for past 20 years or so, I have seen too […]

Rediscovering Gratitude

by Pastor Calvin

              There is so much to be thankful for toward our Father in heaven.  I don’t know where to begin.  All I know is that without Him, I would be aimless, lost, striving after all the wrong & selfish things.  But I have to say thankfulness does not come […]