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by Pastor Calvin

                There are too many things that touch my heart & let me know that I am indeed blessed beyond measure.  If you have received an e-mail from me, you will notice that my signature ends with g/1.  It’s a reminder of who I am… one under grace.  […]

Transience to Transcendence

by Pastor Calvin

            This may be true outside of the mission field as well since everything is becoming global.  Not too many people work in the city or state that they grew up in.  Our careers, education or relationships move us to places we never imagined.  On one hand, it is quite […]


by Pastor Calvin

            When I started writing this weekly missions blog a year and a half ago, we began with a prayer, which continues to this day that our brothers & sisters in Christ can go on this missional journey with us.  And there are many ways that one can be part […]

Update & Prayer Requests

by Pastor Calvin

                Last week I had the privilege of meeting several university Christian workers in Taichung, a meeting that could’ve never taken place if it wasn’t for a veteran OMF missionary who has set up the meeting on my behalf.  She & her husband have been serving in Taiwan […]