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Family Matters

by Pastor Calvin

            FAMILY MATTERS Here’s a short essay by our son to show that missions involves & affects the whole family. “You’re moving, but what about IB? You spent three years working so hard, and now you’re just going to throw it all away?” This in its essence was the most […]

Savoring Gifts

by Pastor Calvin

          Time seems to move at a different pace on the mission field.  It’s truly a contradiction in experience.  Although each day is quite busy & toilsome in a physical & mental sense, it moves in slow motion making the day feel longer.  It’s quite common for me to recall something […]

Sharing in Faith

by Pastor Calvin

            For a while now, even before coming to Taiwan I have been studying & meditating on the Book of Acts because I am amazed by how the early Christians lived & practiced their faith.  What always impacted my heart is how nothing tied the 1st Century believers down to […]

Dead Man Living

by Pastor Calvin

            Today is our first Easter in Taiwan, but it doesn’t quite feel like Easter.  I was reminded once again what a blessing it is to be in America where Christian truths & values still permeate in its morality & traditions.  It’s true that there are many things around Easter […]