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Glorious Day

by Pastor Calvin

          We witnessed one of the most beautiful scenes last Saturday afternoon.  It being a funeral, you may be wondering why I’m using such words to describe that day.  I will explain a little bit later. Funerals always remind me of what life is really all about.  Although many answers can […]

Trying Too Hard? Just Listen

by Pastor Calvin

          As I have mentioned a few blogs ago that our God who created the universe & everything in it works in so many creative ways that are beyond our imagination to set individuals free through the gospel of Jesus Christ.  It is always us who limit God’s works by relying […]

Replacing Betel Nut

by Pastor Calvin

                One thing that you cannot help but to notice when you’re in Taichung is how there are so many tea shops everywhere.  It used to be quite a stressful thing to order tea but we’re more comfortable doing it now.  First, you have to decide what size […]

Obedience in Introversion

by Pastor Calvin
working class

                After coming to Taiwan, what often touches me is running into missionaries.  I don’t mean just OMF Int’l missionaries, but other missionaries as well.  They are sent by YWAM, Christian & Missionary Alliance, International Mission Board & others.  Many of them are from the U.S., and that […]

Centrality of the Gospel

by Pastor Calvin

                It’s been 7 months since we arrived in Taichung.  Although that doesn’t sound like a long time, we feel as though we’ve been here a lot longer.  At the moment, there’s excitement in the air because we just finished our 2nd language book.  There are 5 textbooks.  […]