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OMF in the Southern Taiwan

by Pastor Calvin

We all love good stories.  This is why we read bestselling books, watch epic movies & are drawn to good story tellers that give our imagination a workout.  Through stories we can learn lessons on courage, compassion, hope & even the dangers of evil.  This affinity towards stories isn’t too surprising since we all have […]

JC4Taiwan Sunday Shootout

by admin

Congratulations for a successful first Sunday Shootout in support of JC4Taiwan.  The hunting hat award for best shooter goes to Jun Lee.   The award for JC4Taiwan Sunday Shootout Quiz high score goes to Richard Hong. If you would like to take the quiz, go to

OMF in Taichung/Taiping

by Pastor Calvin

I think we often underestimate the infinite creativity of God.  All we have to do is look at God’s creation to get a glimpse of His creativity.  The latest estimate according to NY Times is that there are approximately 8.7 million species of creatures on earth give or take 1.3 million.  It’s unfathomable how God […]

OMF in Taipei

by Pastor Calvin

OMF Taiwan’s Vision Through God’s grace we long to see reproducing communities of disciples among the working class peoples of Taiwan. Our mission is to evangelize, disciple & mobilize Taiwan’s working class peoples through pioneering ministries & partnership with local Christians. Our purpose is to contribute to the building of the church in Taiwan through […]

Being the Voice for the Lord

by Pastor Calvin

For the next few weeks or so I want to tell you more about OMF Taiwan.  I’d like you to know more about who we are & what we do to make disciples here in Taiwan.  It is our hope that you will get a glimpse of God’s amazing love for the people of Taiwan. […]