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Connect the Dots

by Pastor Calvin

No one can fathom the wisdom & activities of God for He is infinitely above & beyond us.  Men may try & even speak as though they have figured Him out, but He just cannot be put into the box of our minds.  But there are times though probably more than we realize when He […]

Prayer Concern

by Pastor Calvin

About a year ago, Jeanette & I were praying through a very difficult season.  We were sharing our conviction to move to Taiwan as missionaries and our need to meet pledges for enough financial support by a set deadline.  There were times when we felt hopeless about raising enough pledges by the deadline, but at […]

Taiwanese 101

by Pastor Calvin

Our small Taiwanese church has two worship services on Sundays.  From what I have gathered so far, Taichung’s worship scene is somewhat similar to what one may come upon at a typical Korean American church in the U.S.  It’s pretty common for a Korean American church to have 2 services: one in Korean & another […]

Only the Blood of Christ

by Pastor Calvin

One Thursday at our usual weekly OMF prayer meeting, a fellow brother brought a strange object.  It was round, about the size of a 14 inch softball with many nail-like, pointy things all around and it was hung on a string.  At first glance, it looked like a Christmas tree ornament, but when I got […]